PlayStation Showcase 2023 Announcements

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The long-anticipated PlayStation showcase for 2023 finally streamed. Sony made the first big announcement on May 17 on their PlayStation website and social media accounts. The gaming giant teased they would showcase several in-house, third-party partner,  and even indie projects in the works for 2023 and 2024. The stream started at 4pm EST and kicked off the showcase with a new trailer from PlayStation’s new game Fairgame$. In this recap we will cover a few major titles and announcements from Sony. You can watch the full showcase below and follow the link to PlayStation’s blog for all the details.

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PlayStation Showcase 2023 Announcements


Fairgames$ was announced back in 2021 and launched the Showcase stream with a cinematic gameplay trailer. Fairgame$ looks like a cross between Payday and Tom Clancy’s The Division. With some vibrant artistic styles this title will surely be one to feature some heart pounding co-op gameplay and unique customization. According to PlayStation’s Blog Fairgame$ is being developed by Haven studios in Montreal as they are hoping to deliver a “thrilling competitive heist game”, robbing the upper class to restructure the economic scales. The showcase did not dive into a specific release date for Fairgame$, but fans should not have to wait much longer.

HellDivers II

Helldivers II delivered military recruiting commercial straight out of the Starship Troopers universe. This installment is the sequel to the successful top-down shooter released in 2015, delivering squad-based sci-fi shooter action. Players take control of a “HellDiver”, a special forces soldier dropping on faraway planets to take natural resources so humanity can survive, or so the recruiter claims. HellDivers II is suspected to release at a date later this year.

Immortals of Aveum

Ascendant Studios released a reveal trailer for Immortals of Aveum about one month ago. Ascendant studios is the same developer behind Deadspace and Call of Duty, so they know how to make a captivating game. The trailer revealed a world of magic and an everwar between battlemages and the main protagonist, a Magnus, named Jak. The new Showcase trailer took fans deeper into the everwar and the spell-casting action, showing artfully designed enemies and environments. Immortals of Aveum has the potential to be an exciting fast paced action game filled with creative attack combinations. Release date for Immortals of Aveum is July 20, 2023.

Spider-Man 2

Insomniac Games took the last announcement in the Showcase with a lengthy Spider-Man 2 gameplay trailer. The trailer lasted over ten minutes, but kept fans and viewers glued to their seats as two Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Mile Morales, took the fight to several enemies as they attempted to find Dr. Connors. Central to the gameplay was how Insomniac intends on having the player switch between the two characters. Each character seems to feed off of the other delivering non-stop web-slinging action against all enemies in coordinated fashion. The back drop to New York City looks great as with all recent Spider-Man games and introduces a new antagonist named Kraven, who is on a Most Dangerous Game like rampage. Release date for the new web-swinging adventure is Fall 2023.

New Hardware

Project Q – PlayStation’s New Handheld and Earbuds

This handheld has been rumored for a little while, however, the Showcase did not answer many questions. The only information provided was Project Q will launch later in 2023. It looks just like a PS5 controller with a large screen in the middle. Of course, players will have to have a copy of the game installed on the PS5 console and it excludes VR games. No other information was provided, but hopefully more will come soon. New low-latency earbuds are coming to the PS5 console later this year as well. Again, not much is known about these particular set of buds, but past performance by Sony has shown success in the bluetooth headphone world. Prolific gamers might welcome earbuds as a welcome change of pace from hulking headsets.

For more information about these titles and everything announced at the 2023 PlayStation Showcase, you can go the PlayStation blog and check out the full video below. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest titles!



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