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Planet of Lana Music Puzzle Solution (Pipe Puzzle)

Music Puzzle Solution - Planet of Lana gameplay image showing a grassy section

The Planet of Lana music puzzle is currently proving to be one of the most difficult in the hit indie title. The puzzle gameplay mixes with platforming and a beautiful art style to wow players, until they have a head-scratcher of a puzzle to solve. In this article, I will be detailing how to get past the musical note puzzle.

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Music Puzzle Solution in Planet of Lana

This is specifically for the music puzzle on chapter 4, Secrets of the Dark. You are tasked with aligning the four different sliders to play select noted. You’ll need to have eagle eyes to notice the four hints provided as two are shown in a glyph in the bigger space you occupy just before heading into the puzzle area.

The next two are found in the puzzle area, one is illuminated by light if you head into a cave on your left while the other is behind a wooden slider beside the lowest slider you have to move.

If you cant make heads or tails of the hints I will explain what the solution is:

Lowest Slider: Adjust this until you see two dots, a block and one dot followed by another block

Low Left Slider: Adjust this until you have a block, two dots, another block and two dots

Higher right Slider: Adjust this until there are three dots, a block, two dots, and a block

Highest Slider: Adjust this until you have a dot, block, dot, block, dot

Once you have the pipes set up to hit the right notes pull the rope to play the necessary tune and pass the music puzzle.

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That is all for our Planet of Lana music puzzle solution. Let us know if there’s anything you want to see from us on this game!

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