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This Amanda The Adventurer endings guide will line out every ending available in the game and how to achieve them, as some can be rather tricky. Amanda The Adventurer is a horror game that has quickly grown an audience thanks to letsplays from YouTubers like Dashie and can be picked up on Steam.

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Amanda the Adventurer Endings Walkthrough

How Many Endings

There are five different endings available to players. These are indicated by stickers on the TV so you can keep up with your progress by keeping track of how many stickers are on the television.

A Gruesome End

This is somehow the easiest of the endings in the game. It is considered the bad ending, given the name that might be obvious, and requires the following steps:

  1. Watch the Kitchen tape
  2. Cook an apple pie for 40 minutes at 425 degrees as advised
  3. Watch the Neighbourhood tape
  4. Solve the CBF piano riddle
  5. Watch the Accident tape provided by the piano
  6. Solve the clock puzzle with the following times – 10:50 pm digital, 6:20 wall clock, 3:45 table clock
  7. Find the grandfather clock’s missing hand and reunite it with the clock before setting it to 5:15
  8. The last tape is provided along with a safe code, watch this tape to complete the gruesome end.


  1. Watch the entire Family tape and refuse to help the kitten when prompted to get the gruesome ending

A Fateful End

  1. Continue from the main menu, but make sure you’ve retrieved the safe code from the previous ending
  2. Open the safe using the code 826
  3. place the paper from the safe on the nearby corkboard and place the pause button on the Tv
  4. Play the kitchen tape but pause after the KNIFE answer
  5. On the fridge there will be an arrow indicating the oven is at 525 degrees
  6. Leave the TV and set the oven in the overworld to 525 degrees and return to the TV
  7. Watch the tape until you see a recipe for a meat pie next to the oven
  8. Take the cheese and put it in the mousetrap in the corner of the overworld before turning around to catch the rat before putting it into the pie tine
  9. Pick a mushroom off the wall beside the TV and put it in the tin
  10. Head over to the bookshelf and pick out the one with the moon symbol on it put this in the puddle of water beside the TV until a potato grows. Once it has grown put it into the pie tin
  11. Put the pie tin containing all three items into the oven, set it to 525 degrees for 50 minutes and close the door so a video appears
  12. Watch this new video until completion and you will find a colouring book has spawned on the table
  13. In the colouring book click the 24/7 shop, the candy shop and the butcher in that order, do this for each page until you get the GUTS key code shown to you
  14. Play the Family tape again until Amanda asks if you want to help the kitten, say YES this time and let the video play out
  15. Walk over to the trap door at this point and the Fateful end will play out

A Hollow End

From here on out the Amanda the Adventurer endings follow many of the same steps but with key differences that change the outcome. For this ending these are the steps to follow:

  1. Hit continue on the main menu after the Fateful end
  2. Open the toolbox with the GUTS code
  3. Take out the scissors and stick them in the neck of the doll and remove its batteries
  4. Put the batteries into the robot near the piano, this is Blabbot which is central to progression from here
  5. Watch the cooking tape and make an apple pie
  6. Watch the neighbourhood tape until you reach the point Amanda and Wooly are standing at the three display stands
  7. Pause the tape on this scene and type the cost of the Blabbot into the robot itself, this will be 150325 and press the green check mark
  8. Watch the rest of the tape
  9. There will be a birthday card on the table containing the next code for Blabbot
  10. Type the birthday code (081821) into the Blabbot and it will instruct you to cook at 325 degrees for 30 minutes
  11. Set these instructions on the oven and you will find a candle and card in the oven, place the candle on the cake and open the card
  12. Replace the pictures of candles in the card with the candles that are now on the cake which will provide you with the next code, 835161
  13. Type this code into the robot and it will play a series of notes for the piano CCDCFE
  14. Playing this opens the piano which reveals yet another candle
  15. Put this candle on the cake which will melt it and unveil a new tape
  16. Playing this tape will, shockingly, make a new tape appear on the table
  17. Play the newest new tape until it asks you a question about chairs, mushrooms etc. which is coded 2862
  18. Enter that code on the armoire and play another new tape which gives you another new code which is 401258
  19. Put this code into the robot and grab the bucket from the armoire before filling it with water and throwing it on the robot. Its head will fly off and reveal a key which opens the chest in the room
  20. Guess what’s inside the chest? ANOTHER TAPE
  21. Watch this newest tape until Amanda asks you about sharing a secret and tell her NO
  22. Leave the TV and walk to the trapdoor to trigger this ending

Thankfully this is the longest of the Amanda the Adventurer endings and by far the most complex.

The End

This follows the same steps as the previous ending but when asked by Amanda about the secret say YES

The End?

This is also the same steps as the previous ending but requires you finding the five secret tapes before doing so. Here’s how to get them:

  • Orange: In the Kitchen tape make a peach pie instead of an apple pie
  • Turquoise: In the butcher video pause when Amanda faces the card displays and you’ll see some notes above her head spelling out FACADE. Play these notes on the Piano
  • Red: To the right of the window look for a plant pot. Grow this plant using the dripping water and then give it to the doll
  • Green: In the family tape when asked by Amanda when the chicken dad is named, reply with SAM and look at the floor around the table
  • Purple: In the injury video, when asked who can help by Amanda, reply with NOBODY and pause the video to find this tape near the table.

With these secret tapes in your possession complete the previous ending steps and you’ll see a new variation of the ending.

And that, finally, is all for this Amanda the Adventurer endings guide, hopefully these helped and confused players out there.

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wooly is my fav it’s depressing that he has to die


thank you i was confused on the last ending

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