Owl Totem Solution in Roots of Pacha

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The Owl Totem has proved to be one of the most difficult in Roots of Pacha. The totems are central to the progression of the game so they all have to be completed by providing an offering. The Owl totem is slightly different however as you have to solve a puzzle after providing it with an offering to complete it. In this Owl totem solution guide, I will be telling you everything you need to know to get past this stage.

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Owl Totem Solution Guide


First thing is first you’ll need three offerings to correspond with specific glyphs. The glyph that looks like a G should receive a Pinecone or Pomegranate. The U-shaped one receives any vegetable you have grown while the final hourglass-looking one takes a fish.

Puzzle Solution

You’re also tasked with shining a light upon a specific statue in the caves, to do this you’ll have to twist pillars to line them up and keep the beam going from one to the other. The specific pattern you have to twist them in is pretty simple. Starting from the one on the left you shine the beam right, then find the next pillar and twist it down, proceed to the next pillar and twist it left, head to the bottom left corner for the next pillar to twist it up and then repeat the previous steps of twisting right, then down, then left.

So in short the beam goes: right, down, left, up, right, down left. And that’s about all you need for this Owl totem solution guide.

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