Horse Totem Solution in Roots of Pacha

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Roots of Pacha is an exploration-based life-sim set in the olden days. You are tasked with gathering resources, meeting the locals, farming, and much more. One quest you can come up against is the Horse Totem, which requires an offering with very few clues given to direct the player toward a solution. In this article, I will be detailing the Horse totem solution so you can find out how to progress.

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Horse Totem Solution Guide

While traversing the caves you will come across the Horse Totem, bringing it an offering will open up new areas to explore but there’s no clue given as to what the offering is. All nearby NPCs don’t offer much help with figuring out the solution.

To complete this totem you’ll have to unlock more areas of the jungle, specifically the stable, which can be done by completing prophecies. Head to the stables and search around it for a plant named Alfalfa.

Take some of the Alfalfa and bring it to the Horse Totem as an offering to complete it and unlock a new exit which will allow you to meet and tame horses.

That is all for our Horse Totem solution guide, you just have to unlock the stable and harvest the plants around it to complete the offering and unlock the horses.

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