Wartales Order of Regions Guide

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Wartales is an open world game that separates its map by region. The thing is, these regions all have enemies of their own level meaning there is a certain order you should explore the world in. That is why I have put together this Wartales order of regions guide to help you avoid the worst enemies around.

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Wartales Order of Regions

Tiltren County

The first region of the game, this one allows you to get to grips with the game and contains a decent number of areas and quests.

Vertruse Province

You should venture to Vertruse next. It has 27 different locations to discover including Marheim which includes a vast number of quests.

County of Arthes

This one contains 29 different locations including the major settlement of Cortia. This is the third region to visit as it is beatable but difficult.

Ludern Province

This is the first of the big boys. Ludern contains 29 locations, three different settlements and two seperate cursed villages.


The final regions to visit. These are the toughest of the bunch and should be left for last.

The Exception

It must be said that this Wartales order of regions guide is only useable for one of the two difficulty sets in the game. The adaptive exploration means you can explore in any order you want while region-locked makes it so that you have to follow this guide if you want to stay alive.

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