Destiny 2: PVE Void Hunter Build

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The key to a void hunter build is taking advantage of the abilities and perks that come with the Void subclass. Additionally, the Graviton Lance and Legendary Void Glaive Ecliptic Distaff provide powerful void damage options that can be used in a variety of situations. The Graviton Forfeit helmet further enhances the build, allowing for longer invisibility and quicker ability regeneration.

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The Void subclass we will be using is the Way of the Pathfinder. This subclass provides several useful abilities and perks that work well with the Void build. The following are some of the abilities and perks you should consider using with the Way of the Pathfinder:

PVE Void Hunter Build in Destiny 2


Vanish in Smoke: This ability allows you to throw a smoke bomb that makes you invisible and grants increased melee damage to you and your allies. \

Lockdown: This perk extends the duration of your smoke bombs and grenade effects, allowing you to control the battlefield more effectively.

Heart of the Pack: This perk grants increased mobility, resilience, and recovery to you and your allies when you pick up an Orb of Light.


When it comes to weapons, the exotic pulse rifle Graviton Lance and Legendary Void Glaive Ecliptic Distaff are excellent choices for the Void build. The Graviton Lance provides a powerful burst of void damage that can be used to quickly take out groups of enemies. With the intrinsic perks cosmology and vorpal weapon, it eats away at groups. while the Legendary Void Glaive Ecliptic Distaff is a versatile melee weapon that can be used to deal significant void damage up close, it also can come with the perk destabilizing rounds. This amazing perk provides volatile rounds to all void weapons. Making both the graviton lance and distaff obsoletely devasting on the field.


The Graviton Forfeit helmet is a key piece of equipment for the Void build. While the Vanish in Smoke or invisible dodge is active, you can get the drop on opponents. By prioritizing the Volatile Rounds perk, you can deal additional void damage with the Graviton Lance, while the Devour buff provides increased health regeneration and melee energy upon killing an enemy. This makes it easier to stay alive and keep your abilities charged, allowing you to take on even the toughest enemies in Destiny 2.


When it comes to armor mods, there are several that can enhance the Void build. Mobility mods can increase your Hunter’s movement speed, while resilience mods can provide additional protection. Additionally, mods that improve your grenade and melee abilities can be incredibly useful when combined with the Way of the Pathfinder subclass.

Putting it all together:

Overall, the Void subclass build for Hunters in Destiny 2 can be an incredibly effective option in both PvE and PvP situations. By combining the Graviton Lance, Legendary Void Glaive Ecliptic Distaff, and Graviton Forfeit helmet with specific Hunter abilities and perks, you can create a character that deals significant void damage, is highly mobile, and difficult to hit. With the right weapon and armor choices, the Void build can be a powerful option for Hunters looking to take on the toughest challenges in Destiny 2.

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