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All these years later and No Man’s Sky is still pushing out content for fans. The most recent update dropped a few days ago and is known as the Interceptor Update. As you would imagine this has brought with it a number of new additions to the world including the subject of this guide, the Harmonic Brain.

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Harmonic Brain Guide

As part of the new update you can get a new ship, but this ship must be repaired. To finish the repairs you will be asked to bring a Harmonic Brain to the ship in order to get it back in business. This element has left some players stumped which is where this guide comes in.

Remove materials from the ship until you come across the Hyaline Brain. Bring up the Hyaline Brain in your inventory and interact with it by pressing the action button on your console of choice, you will be provided with a marked spot on your map to travel to after doing so.

Travel to the marked spot where you will find a big structure, that DEFINITELY stands out and that you can interact with. Upon interacting with the structure you will be given the Harmonic Brain. Bring the brain back to the ship to complete the quest.

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This is our guide on how to get the Harmonic Brain in No Man’s Sky. Is there any other NMS content you would like us to cover?

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Thank you for saving me unessacary frustration. Life is too short to completely explore this game!

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