Dredge Endings Guide – How to Get All Endings

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I have been very into Dredge since its release. The fishing/horror title has me hooked like a fish! In this article, I will be taking a look at the Dredge endings and providing a guide on how to get each one.

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Dredge Endings Guide

Good Ending

To unlock the good ending you must complete the Collector Pursuit but when you give the final relic to the collector, reject his plan and head to an island due south of the Devil’s Spine. Upon docking here you will be able to speak to the Old Mayor.

Talking to the Old Mayor will eventually prompt the player to visit the Lighthouse Keeper in Greater Marrow. Ask this keeper what she knows about the silver and crimson book before heading back to the Collector and pressing him for details about the book.

Find the book and bring it to the Lighthouse Keeper and let her know you have it. Then proceed to the point marked on your map and interact with the water at the marked spot to prompt the final sequence of the game.

Bad Ending

For the bad ending, you go along with the Collector’s plan initially instead of finding the mayor and lighthouse keeper. The Collector will tell you to make one final journey to the point marked on your map, head to this point and interact with the water to initiate the bad ending.

That is our guide to the Dredge endings, while there are only two, one is more detailed than the other.

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