Rogue Heart Cosplay and Her Journey Through the C2E2 Crown Championships

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Cosplay competition is a big part of any major comic con. In the latest cosplay article, we caught up with Rogue Heart Cosplay to learn about her journey through the C2E2 Crown Championships.

The video below was captured on the floor of C2E2 between the pre-judging session and the stage performance. Learn about her creation of the Horizon Forbidden West Aloy costume, and the cosplay competition process from application all the way to the stage performance.

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Rogue Heart Cosplay – Cosplay Competition Rundown

What Made You Want to Enter the Cosplay Competition [Crown Championships] at C2E2?

“It’s been an aspiration of mine to compete in the Crown Championships ever since I watched them for the first time back in 2017. Seeing the insane amount of talent and joy on stage had me in awe–everyone looked like they were having a great time, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I even got a little teary-eyed when they crowned the winners because I was so happy for them! So now that I’ve had time to improve my crafting skills and build up some confidence, I’m really just excited to meet other competitors, present to the judges, and hopefully learn a lot in the process. I’m here for the experience and whatever it may bring!”

Talk to us About the Cosplay Competition Process. What was the Process like from Start to Finish?

“The competition was exciting and nerve-wracking from beginning to end. Applications were due in February, and then it was a long week of waiting to hear back on whether I made it in or not. This is my second competition ever, the first being at a small local convention, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But when I read the acceptance email I went from disbelief to excitement, to overwhelming nervousness! Suddenly it was really happening!”
“As for the actual competition day, I was amazed at how smoothly the process went. The organizers were fantastic and helped us through every step by answering questions, bringing us water, and making sure we knew what was happening next. I was also surprised at how much fun the pre-judging portion was! I was anxious going into it, but the judges were so kind and attentive that it felt less like a presentation and more like a conversation.”
“Finally, for the stage performance, I did my best to stay calm but was shaking by the time it was my turn. Hearing the crowd cheer while I tried to remember my poses was incredible, and then it was over in a snap! But by far one of the best parts of this competition has been meeting so many great people. My fellow competitors are humble and incredibly talented people who made this experience memorable.”

How was the Creative Process for this Aloy Costume Different From your Previous Aloy Costume?

“One of the main differences between my first Aloy build and this one is that creating a costume to compete in brings on a much higher level of attention to detail. The first cosplay was way more relaxed, and I had very few expectations going in. There were no due dates, and I knew nobody would ever look at how my seams were finished or if my boots were 100% accurate to the game. (Spoiler alert, they’re not).”
“For my new costume, it’s been a balancing act between enjoying the process and making sure that I end up with a cosplay I would be proud to show to the judges. I’ve had moments where I avoided making a piece of the costume because I didn’t think I could make it look “perfect.” But I realized I needed to move past that perception and just make things! So even though that made the creative process a slightly more stressful experience, it’s still been a fun one. This is the coolest and most accomplished I’ve ever felt wearing one of my costumes, and at the end of the day dressing up and feeling great is what it’s all about!”
Rogue Heart Cosplay at C2E2
Rogue Heart Cosplay with a Clawstrider before the main stage portion of the competition

Was Aloy an Easy Choice to Compete As?

“Yes, absolutely. Aloy was the natural choice for me when deciding what cosplay I wanted to compete in. From a crafting standpoint, the Carja Stalker Elite armor that she wears in Horizon Forbidden West offered me a lot of new techniques to try and challenges to figure out. I also love the design, and appreciate a costume that’s flashy but comfortable to wear. From a sentimental standpoint, Aloy and Horizon are why I started cosplaying in the first place. So to come full circle, from sitting in the crowd in my first Aloy cosplay to competing on that same stage as the same character six years later feels really special.”

What’s Next for you in Cosplay Competitions and Other Costumes?

“After C2E2, I’m not really sure what’s next! I’ll be attending Anime Central in May, but I don’t think I’ll register for their competition. I’d like a few months off from deadlines to just have fun, take photos, and wander a convention. And for once I also don’t know what my next costume will be! I finished two dream cosplays recently (2B and Aloy Carja Stalker Elite), so I’m waiting for inspiration to guide me to what’s next. It might end up being a full armor build from Skyrim or Dragon Age that I’ve wanted to try, but I truly have no clue!”

You can keep up with Rouge Heart Cosplay on YouTubeInstagram, and Twitter.

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