Terra Nil Guide: How to Discover Polar Bears

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Terra Nil has rocketed up the Steam charts since its release. The game about restoring biomes and bringing life back to them has proven a hit with players the world over. Each biome has its own set of circumstances and animals to discover as you aim to bring nature back to its habitat. In this article, I will be walking you through how to discover Polar Bears as they are relatively difficult to acquire.

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How to Discover Polar Bears in Terra Nil

First, you must gain access to the scanner. This requires you to do some work rebuilding the ecosystem first by making the landscape more liveable. The scanner can then be built to scan the surrounding area in an attempt to discover life to add back to the biome.

Polar Bears require you to scan an area containing some very specific requirements. Which brings me to the second requirement. You must first discover Elks before you can get Polar Bears in the biome. Elks can be brought to your land by scanning 6 lichen tiles and over 20 snow tiles.

When Elks have come back to the area, you must now scan an area containing a group of Elk, over 16 snow tiles, and over 6 ocean tiles.#

Looking at it logically, Polar bears live between ice and water, they usually fish for food in the ocean tiles while living on the snow tiles which is why these types of land are needed to discover Polar Bears.

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That is our guide on how to discover polar bears, are there any other Terra Nil guides you want us to make?
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