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Demonologist has shot up the Steam charts since its release, becoming one of the most-downloaded games of the week following its release. In this article, I will be detailing what the Tarot Cards in Demonologist do as they offer major benefits in the multiplayer experience.

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What Tarot Cards do in Demonologist

These cards can be found in decks in a number of rooms. They resemble a game of chance as they offer the chance at endangering the player and their ghost pursuit, while also offering the chance of providing a major breakthrough in your hunt for the ghost.


  • Aggressive – Makes the ghost more aggressive
  • Angel – Bring dead teammate back to life
  • Death – Ghost Attacks
  • Devil – Ghost interacts with object
  • Flame of Fate – Raise or Lower sanity
  • Guillotine – Player dies
  • Moon – Lowers Sanity
  • Slave – Ghost becomes trapped in room its in
  • Sun – Increases Sanity
  • Void – No impact

The majority of the cards have negative impacts making their use a real risk vs reward scenario. This isn’t a complete list either as some cards have yet to have their features firmly discovered but we will be sure to update this article on the Tarot Cards in Demonologist as new cards and effects are paired up.

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