DREDGE Guide: Stone Tablet Locations

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One of the many missions in DREDGE requires the player to find stone tablets in order to eventually unlock some treasure. With a big map to explore it can be quite an inconvenience to search for the three tablets which is why I have put together this guide on the stone tablet locations in DREDGE.

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Stone Tablet Locations In DREDGE

Tablet 1

The first tablet on the list is located in square N14 on the map. There will be some ruins with a pile of debris clearly in the way. Using an explosive you can remove this debris and clear the path to the first stone tablet.

Tablet 2

The next tablet on the agenda is located in square P13. Once again there will be some ruins, this time with red fiery lights located in the corner. This area is just off one of the islands in the Devil’s Spine and contains the second stone tablet.

Tablet 3

The final stone tablet location is square Q13 on the map. It is at a point just off the north-east point of the island marked Charred Pontoon. This are is due east of the location for Tablet 2 so it should be relatively easy to find. There will be some ruins that you can go right through up against some rocks with the tablet located along the side.

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