5 Game Releases to Look Out for in May

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While spring isn’t considered the peak gaming season due to the relative lack of AAA releases that doesn’t mean it isn’t a time filled with fantastic new games for us all to play. In this article, I will be taking a look at the top 5 game releases to keep your eyes on in May 2023.

Game Releases to Watch Out For in May

1.The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

Arguably one of the most anticipated games in the history of Nintendo, the follow-up to Breath of The Wild promises to be one of the greatest gaming experiences of all time. BOTW was one of the deepest, most exhilarating RPGs of all time. Based on what we have seen so far, Tears of the Kingdom is set to produce a world of an even more monumental scale to play with.

Some new features have already been shown off that should add a lot of new elements to the gameplay like the fusion and time-skipping mechanics. Aside from that, this game looks jaw-droppingly beautiful and an absolute joy to explore.

2. Ys 9: Monstrum Nox

The iconic Ys JRPG series gets a new addition to the series. Monstrum Nox is releasing on the PS5 this May and currently promises to bring back all of the Ys tropes that fans know and love. Action RPGs can be hit or miss, but few have perfected the art better than Ys.

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3. Outlast Trials

Owing a huge debt to YouTube let’s players, Outlast is one of the most well-known horror franchises in gaming today. The Outlast games are known for their found-footage style of horror with the player often needing a camera to see the world as it is.

This game serves is a prequel to the original classic so here’s hoping it can bring back some of the sheer horrifying energy that the first game had. Whether it does or not, this is sure to have some of the most terrifying visuals you’ll see all year.

4. LEGO 2K Drive

The LEGO games are pretty notorious in the gaming world. Just about every franchise has been brought console via a LEGO games remake. The titles first jumped to life by spoofing the Star Wars series with enough charm to make both fans and those who never watched Star Wars alike come back and play.

Their newest game sees them jump into the world of driving games with one of the most unique ideas I’ve seen in some time. I, for one, am waiting to see how they manage to mix lego with the world of driving.

5. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Online multiplayer games are all the rage nowadays which is why it isn’t surprising to see the superhero world delve into the genre. The Suicide Squad branding is enough to gain eyeballs as the ragtag collection of villains are one of its franchise’s most popular entities.

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