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Demonologist is a ghost-hunting, horror experience that is quite quickly gaining in popularity. What some players may not know is there are a few different ghost types, all of which have their own characteristics and tells. In this article, I will list all the types of ghosts found in the game.

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Ghost Types List for Demonologist

  • Abaddon – Very aggressive when player has low sanity, can be held off with crucifixes. (Evidence: Freezing, EMF 5, Spirit Box)
  • Agash – Fast in cold temperatures but slowed down in hot temperatures. (Evidence: Freezing, Ectoplasm, Fingerprints)
  • Boogey – Unknown (Evidence: ESG, EMF 5, Spirit Box)
  • Demon – Aggressive when on the hunt, doesn’t react to player activity too much. (Evidence: Freezing, Ectoplasm, Easel)
  • Deogen – Becomes more aggressive the closer the target is, gets less aggressive with distance. (Evidence: ESG, Ectoplasm, Fingerprints)
  • Goryo – Only interacts with ESG if players aren’t around. (Evidence: ESG, EMF 5, Fingerprints)
  • Guipo – Unknown (Evidence: ESG, Ectoplasm, Spirit Box)
  • Gul – Gets hostile if you talk nearby. (Evidence: Freezing, Fingerprints, Spirit Box
  • Hantu – Can curse players if they talk near it. (Evidence: Freezing, Easel, Spirit Box)
  • Iblis – Always knows where players are but gets slow when approaching. Has its own distinct dialogue. (Evidence: ESG, Easel, Spirit Box)
  • Jinn – Highly active and likely to be on the hunt. (Evidence: Freezing, EMF 5, ESG
  • Mare – Very talkative, unlikely to be on the hunt especially when near players. (Evidence: Freezing, EMF 5, Easel)
  • Myling – Calmed and attracted by fire, extinguished flames before beginning the hunt. (Evidence: Freezing, Ectoplasm, Spirit Box)
  • Naamah – Unknown (Evidence: ESG, Easel, Ectoplasm)
  • Oni – Quickly drains player sanity when in the vicinity, very fast when on the hunt. (Evidence: Freezing, EMF 5, Fingerprints)
  • Onryo – Will fall in love with one specific player and never attacks them, will however attack anyone close to their loved one. (Evidence: EMF 5, Easel, Fingerprints)
  • Poltergeist – Likes to throw objects and won’t calm down until its out of items to throw. (Evidence: ESG, Fingerprints, Spirit Box)
  • Raiju – Will hunt singular players who stray from the group, unlikely to attack groups. (Evidence: Freezing, ESG, Ectoplasm)
  • Revenant – Can be on the hunt regardless of player sanity. (Evidence: Freezing, Easel, Fingerprints)
  • Shade – Becomes more aggressive in darkness but is tame when near the light. (Evidence: Easel, Ectoplasm, Spirit Box)
  • Thaye – Aggressive early but grows more tame as the game continues. (Evidence: Easel, Fingerprints, Spirit Box)
  • Wraith – Unknown (Evidence: EMF 5, Ectoplasm, Fingerprints)
  • Yokai – Begins to hunt when average player sanity is at 50%. (Evidence: EMF 5, Easel, Spirit Box)
  • Yurei – Likes to start hunting when players are grouped together, less likely to hunt when a player is alone. (Evidence: ESG, EMF 5, Ectoplasm

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k c

This guide is missing Shade. 🙂


couple typos on ‘EMG’ when it should be EMF


Seeing a lot of typos, such as Shade is “Shaye”.

Can you confirm if EMG is supposed to be ESG? or EMF?

Draco Dharriott

has anyone gotten any clear images of the demons yet?? I need them for a thumbnail XD

Treven Andreas

mate i was new in this game, you helped me a lot lol

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