Digimon World Next Order How to Raise and Lower Discipline

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There is a lot to juggle in a Digimon game and Digimon World: Next Order is no different. To evolve your Digimon you have to get certain stats to the correct levels, but for some, this might mean lowering the stat to the right point. One such stat is discipline which can be raised and lowered based on how your interact with the Digimon in-game. In this guide, I will talk you through how to raise AND lower discipline as needed.

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Raise and Lower Discipline in Digimon Next Order

Raising Discipline

As is standard in a Digimon game, your decisions and how you interact with the world around you are usually based in logic. To raise the discipline of a Digimon you want to praise it for doing well, following a battle you can get the opportunity to communicate with your Diigimon, take this opportunity to praise it and their discipline will rise. Similarly, if your Digimon behaves badly then scolding it and correcting its behaviour will lead to an increase in discipline.

Alternatively, you can raise this stat by feeding it the correct foods. Feed it healthy vegetables and praise it when it eats vegetables even when it doesn’t want to and you’ll see a healthy boost to this stat.

Lower Discipline

Following the logic of the game, the best way to lower discipline is to encourage bad habits and scold good behavior. Scold your Digimon after battle or feed it things like fish, uncooked nuts and fruit to lower its discipline and get it in line with the level you need.

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