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There are a lot of smaller quests to fulfill in Digimon World: Next Order. One such quest is given by a Meteormon out in the desert area. This quest has many players stumped on how to complete it, in this article we will be walking you through how to solve the Meteormon puzzle.

To find this quest go towards Tower Road through the desert area until you come across a group of Digimon with one standing a bit further away named Meteormon 0.

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Solve the Meteormon Puzzle

The Setup

The quest tasks the player with finding out which of the group of Meteormon is actually a different Digimon in disguise. You have five different Meteormon to speak to, one of which we know is lying. Their responses will be as follows:

  1. “I’m not a Gotsumon”
  2. “The one facing East isn’t a Gotsumon, Okay?!
  3. “The one opposite me isn’t a Gotsumon”
  4. “The one next to me is lying”
  5. “The Gotsumon ends every sentence with ‘Okay?'”

The Solution

To make a long story short, quote number 4 is the liar which means that number 5 is telling the truth. This means that the Meteormon who provides quote number 2 is in fact the Gotsumon in disguise.

Report this back to Meteormon 0 who gave you the quest to complete. If you previously answered this incorrectly then you will need to wait an in-game day before getting another chance.

That is the solution to the Meteromon Puzzle that has stumped players since this game was released. Let us know if there are any other guides or tips you’d like to see for Digimon World: Next Order

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