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The Kyubimon riddle is one of the puzzles in Digimon World: Next Order that has left people somewhat stumped. While a lot of the puzzles in this game are simple enough, some have managed to keep players guessing and Kyubimon is no different. In this article, I will be talking you through how to solve the Kyubumon riddle.

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Solve Kyubimon Riddle in Digimon World: Next Order


In the Logic Volcano as you ramp up to take Taomon you’re met with a dilemma. There are three Kyubimon to face, but if you can solve their riddle then you will only have to face one of these enemies, saving yourself time as well as items and MP.

The riddle focuses on this statement:

  • X sheets to the wind
  • two’s company
  • X is a crowd
  • X strikes and you’re out

While the two may be there to throw people off your focus is on solving the X’s which are THREE sheets to the wind, THREE is a crowd, and THREE strikes and you’re out.

Speak to the Kyubimon who provides you the same statement, where X equals nine, and you will be able to fight one Level 6 Kyubimon as opposed to taking on all three.

There you have it, the pretty standard solution to the Kyubimon riddle in Digimon World: Next Order. Hope this helps!

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