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The Tamer Skills are an essential part of the experience in Digimon World: Next Order. These skills offer helpful boosts throughout the game that can be utilised to your advantage. In this article, I will put together a full list of all tamer skills available in Digimon Next Order with a brief description of what they do accompanying each entry.

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All Tamer Skills in Digimon Next Order

Personal Skills

  • Mood Boost – Small bonus during mood boost
  • Bond Boost – Small bonus during bond boost
  • Digifriend Boost – Small bonus during Digifriend boost
  • Heart Master – Gain some Tamer XP during mood, bond, and Digifriend boost
  • Long-Life Digivolution – Increases life gain from Digivolution
  • Life Boost – Increases base Life
  • Big Life Booster – Further increases base Life
  • High Carry – Can carry 30 items
  • Mega Carry – Can carry 40 items
  • Giga Carry – Can carry 50 items
  • Max Carry – Can carry 60 items
  • DigiEgg Polish – Boosts parameter inheritance by one level at rebirth
  • Zeal Injection – Boosts parameter inheritance by two levels at rebirth
  • Love Injection – Boosts parameter inheritance by three levels at rebirth
  • Heaven’s Blessing – Boosts parameter inheritance by four levels at rebirth

Training Skills

  • Power Trainer – Boosts effects of Strength and Speed training
  • Intellect Trainer – Boosts effects of Wisdom and Magic Point training
  • Toughness Trainer – Boosts effects of HP and Stamina training
  • Fatigue Care – Reduces fatigue from training
  • Luck Booster – Further boosts effects of critical training
  • Master Trainer – Further boosts effects of all training
  • Eating Care – Boosts mood when eating
  • Bathroom Care – Boosts mood when using bathroom
  • Sleep Care – Boosts recovery effects of sleep
  • Affection – Boosts effect of praising and scolding
  • Life Master – Boosts bond and Digifriend when eating, using bathroom or sleeping
  • Good Digivolution – Parameters rise when partner Digivolves
  • Fresh Digivolution – Parameters rise when partner Digivolves into a Digimon for the first time
  • Digivolution Veteran – Parameters rise when partner Digivolves into a Digimon the second time and every time afterwards
  • Great Digivolution – Parameters rise even more any time a partner Digivolves

Adventure Skills

  • Wild Finder – Increases discovery rate of wild ingredients
  • Fisherman – Increases fishing hit rate
  • Wild Scouter – increases discovery rate of rare wild ingredients
  • Grander – Increases chances of getting multiple fish (may be helpful for the Digicarp mission)
  • Ingredient Hunter – Further increases wild ingredient AND fishing hit rate
  • Metal Man – Boosts quantity of metal materials harvested and rare item acquisition rate
  • Stone Man – Boosts quantity of stone materials harvested and rare item acquisition rate
  • Liquid Man – Boosts quantity of liquid materials harvested and rare item acquisition rate
  • Wood Man – Boosts quantity of wood materials harvested and rare item acquisition rate
  • Material Master – Boosts quantity of all materials harvested and rare item acquisition rate
  • Cooking Boy – Enables high-class cooking at camp
  • Mister Cook – Raises great cooking success rate at camp
  • Ultimate Chef – Further raises great cooking success rate at camp
  • Health Runner – Slowly recover HP by moving
  • Mental Trainer – Lessens the negative effects of disliked places & lowers chances of getting sick
  • Invigorating Runner – Slowly recover MP by moving
  • Healthy – Recovers massive HP and MP by moving

Battle Skills

  • Second Order – Unlocks second attack slot
  • Defense Order – Enables defense command
  • OP Gain – Boosts OP raise rate
  • Third Order – Unlocks third attack slot
  • High Defense – Defend command blocks 100% of damage
  • Next Order – Unlocks final attack slot
  • OP Master – Boosts base OP value, increases max limit by 100
  • Ascertainment – Increases damage of cooperation-boosted attacks
  • Absolute Blind Spot – Huge critical rate boost for attacks from behind
  • Buffer – Slight increase for attack skills that strengthen others
  • Fighting Spirit – Occasionally halves OP cost of special moves
  • Debuffer – Slightly raises the rate of status abnormalities
  • Absolute Focus – Occasionally negates MP cost of partner attacks
  • Range Expansion – Expands effect range of thrown items
  • Quick Pitch – Items thrown fly quicker
  • Next Dimension Pitch – Occasionally negates cost of throwing an item in battle
  • Spirit Pitcher – Slightly raises OP of partner who throws combat item
  • Item Getter – Raises item drop rate from battles
  • Bit Getter – Raises BIT collected from battles
  • Explorer – Rais’s item drop from battles even more
  • Drop Master – Raises BIT collected from battles even more
  • Skill Observation – Boosts in-battle skill learning rate
  • Learn from Experience – Boosts impact of post-battle parameter increase
  • Skill Research – Further boosts the impact of in-battle learning rate and post-battle parameter increase

There we have it, a full list of ALL tamer skills in Digimon World: Next Order

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