How to Catch a Digicarp for Renamon

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One of the many quests in Digimon World: Next Order sees the player tasked with catching a Digicarp as part of their ongoing effort to recruit Renamon. This quest has given some folks problems so in this article I will be helping teach you how to catch a Digicarp for Renamon.

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How to Catch Digicarp in Digimon Next Order

To catch this fish you have to get somewhat lucky with hit rates, the specific spot you can head to when attempting to catch the Digicarp is also home to other fish, this means that for some it may take three attempts for the game to give you the fish you want. But for others, it can take 20.

The best spot to look for is in the Vast Plateau sub-biome in the Nigh Plains area. There is a fishing spot located under a bridge here that is the most likely to produce a Digicarp. It isn’t recommended that you use any special lures and instead use a normal one.

If you can improve fishing tamer skills before this quest then that may make life easier but using this specific spawn point, anyone should be able to catch  Digicarp eventually.

Once it is caught you will have completed the necessary steps to bring it back to Renamon as part of your efforts to recruit Renamon.

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