The Great Blizzard Quest Walkthrough – Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide

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The latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update is here and with it comes a brand new advance to the story of the game. The Great Blizzard quest sees the player takes with finding another orb to save another pillar from The Forgetting. In this article I will walk you through the steps needed to complete this quest from start to finish.

The Great Blizzard Quest Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley


The quest will begin right away as a cutscene will play to show the change to Frosted Heights. As with any time an anomaly occurs, you’ll be told to talk to Merlin which kickstarts the quest and gives you your first objective.

Find the Secret Entrance

The game isn’t exactly subtle when it has a hidden door but your first task is to find the hidden cave in the cliffs in Frosted Heights. This one is easy enough as it’s basically a straight line from the pillar to the cliff where you’ll notice the outline of an entrance between some trees. Enter the cave to take the quest onto its second act.

Help Olaf

Yep, Olaf is here now to complete the Frozen family and he needs help. Four dark squirrels have stolen his buttons and nose and he needs you to get them back. All four squirrels stay in Frosted Heights so just go around the biome and catch them when prompted to complete this part.

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Watering Can Magic

After helping Olaf you’ll need to speak to Elsa who advises you to use your watering can on some water near the pillar in order to see what it remembers. Once you’ve done this and seen the cutscene return to Elsa before being prompted to return to Olaf in the cave.

In the cave there are two more spots to water with the watering can to further the quest before you need to speak to Olaf again to find out how to open the portal. He doesn’t remember how to open the portal but one of the books in the cave does, find the specific book to progress to the next step.

Dreamlight Prism

Immediately get the three pieces of the shattered prism inside Olaf’s cave and go to get 10 pieces of glass and five purified night shards. Glass is easy to make by fusing sand, which can be got in vast quantities by smashing the shells on the beach or by digging up the beach.

Purified night shards are not as easy to get, they require enough night shards and dream shards to make, which can only be dug up when there are sparkling sections on the ground.

Missing Gems

Once you have crafted the prism you’ll need to complete one last puzzle, you need to bring the 3 missing gems to the pedestals to open the portal that will lead you to the orb. The three gems needed are Citrine, Emerald and Amethyst, you can check in your inventory menu where each gem is usually found so you can mine in the specific biomes they’re found in.

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Once the puzzle has been solved the portal can be opened, you don’t have to do anything to get the orb as a cutscene does that leg work for you. By speaking to Olaf after obtaining the gem you can restore its power. Bring the restored orb to the pillar and return it to get rid of the blizzard and complete the Great Blizzard quest.

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