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The latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update has dropped and with it comes an onslaught of new content. One such addition is the arrival of Mirabel from hit movie Encanto. In this guide, I will be talking you through how to get Mirabel to join your village.

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How to Get Mirabel Guide

Step 1

The first step in unlocking Mirabel is to start her quest. Like a lot of quests in the game this one is started by finding an item in your village. For Mirabel, you’re aiming to find a golden doorknob, many people find it in Peaceful Meadow, which will automatically start the quest.

Step 2

As usual, you’ll be asked to talk to Merlin which will bring on a checklist of mini-quests to complete. These are:

  • Take photos with three villagers
  • Have two daily discussions
  • Give two different villagers their favourite gift

Upon completing these three steps you’ll have to talk with Merlin again where he’ll tell you to bring 500 dreamlight to make the doorknob work.

Final Step

You’ll have to place the Mini-Casita in your village to give Mirabel her home in the village. Once this is placed you will be able to welcome her to your village and she’ll become a part of the community. And that is how to get Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In terms of quests, this is one of the easier ones to get a villager to join, in the spirit of the “festival of friendship” theme for the update the quests are about furthering friendships which encourages Mirabel to come to the village.

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