Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips: How to Level Up Friendships Quickly

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Disney Dreamlight Valley has been released and it has given us all of the Disney greatness we can handle. One of the core ideas of the game is to improve your friendships with various Disney characters but this can be a time-consuming activity. This first Dreamlight Valley tips article will focus on how to level up friendships as fast as possible.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips: Make Friends Fast

Hang Out

This is one of the most obvious things but you’d be surprised how often this gets overlooked. Hanging out with a character gives them friendship points every time you perform a standard activity. If you perform an activity paired with that character, which you get to choose when they reach level 2, they get a bigger boost.

I was able to get WALL-E up to level 5 friendship in the space of 10 minutes with this trick. I chose to have WALL-E help with mining and got him to come with me as I whacked the mining stones around town not only did it increase the gem drop rate but it gave a huge boost to our friendship. This leads directly into our next tip.

Give Gifts

After going around the village and mining gems I had a surplus of gems and coins, so I decided to level up Scrooge McDuck by gifting him the gems. Unsurprisingly this shot his friendship level through the roof.

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Each character has different likes, and you can even check their profile on a given day to see what they’d LOVE to be gifted that day. Gifting according to these likes will make sure you have a bunch of great friends in no time.

Do Quests

Friend quests may distract you from the story but they can go a long way to helping you level up your friendships. Early in the game Scrooge McDuck and Mickey Mouse both have quite a few quests available and can be levelled up quite quickly.

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What would you like to see in our next Dreamlight Valley tips article? Did you find this helpful? Let us know.

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