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The first video game for wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW) now has an ESRB rating. The up-and-coming video game AEW Fight Forever has been rated by the ESRB as T for Teen.

AEW Fight Forever Receives ESRB Rating 

The game has been rated Teen for blood, language, mild suggestive themes, use of alcohol and tobacco, and violence.

The official rating description from the ESRB can be found below.

“This is a wrestling game in which players compete in matches with wrestlers from the AEW roster. Players use punches, kicks, and grappling maneuvers to drain their opponents’ health. In some match types (e.g., Barbed Wire, Stadium Stampede, Unsanctioned) players can use barbed wired, baseball bats, metal chairs, and Molotov cocktails against opponents, eventually resulting in submission and/or knock outs. Blood-splatter effects can occur during matches, staining the mats; video footage of real matches also depicts blood on wrestlers’ faces and bodies. The game contains some mildly suggestive material: female wrestlers in revealing outfits (e.g., deep cleavage, bunny outfits, partially exposed buttocks); wrestlers performing taunting gestures (e.g., crotch chop, slapping buttocks). Real footage sometimes depicts wrestlers drinking alcohol and smoking. The word “sh*t” is heard in the game.”

Fight Forever Release Information

The game is in development for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. No release date for AEW Fight Forever has been released as of this writing.

Wrestling fans and gamers can expect the game to have a lot of the similar in-ring blood, adult language, and more adult-themed content AEW has presented since its kickoff in 2019. The weekly content they produce tends to be more adult themed than that of its main United States competitor WWE.

A playable demo was on display at the Tokyo Games Show in November of 2021. The game will be developed by Yuke’s with publishing being done by THQ Nordic.

Are you excited for AEW Fight Forever? Let us know the comments below. Stay tuned to Last Word on Gaming for more on this as it becomes available. 

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