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Rio Iwasaki is a social link exclusive to Female MC in Persona 3 Portable. She represents the Chariot arcana social link. In the male MC route, this social link is represented by Kazushi Miyamoto. In this Rio Iwasaki answers guide, I will detail her availability, what responses to give her in conversation, and other helpful tips.

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Rio Iwasaki Answers Guide – Persona 3 Portable


After joining a club Rio is available on MondayWednesday, and Friday during the daytime. She is never available in the evening. Rio can be found outside classroom 2-F.

Bonus Points

In order to increase this social link as fast as possible meet Rio while housing a Persona of the Chariot arcana. This adds an extra point to correct responses which will be detailed later.

Rio Iwasaki Answers

Rank 1 – All responses offer same value

Rank 2 – Spot me while I do situps?

Rank 3 – That ain’t happening

Rank 4 – Don’t let it get to you

Rank 5 – All responses offer same value

Rank 6 – All responses offer same value

Rank 7 – I have no idea

Rank 8 – That’s the spirit/It’ll work out for you!

Rank 9 – Thanks

Rank 10 – All responses offer same value

Extra Meetings

5/24 – Yeah, sometimes

6/7 – Good point.


Unlike newer Persona games upgrading a social link doesn’t provide added bonuses, what it does is offer a multiplier when fusing and creating a Persona of the arcana, this multiplier gets higher as the social link gets higher.

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