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Persona 3 Portable is a deep game with a lot to juggle. Players are tasked with combating shadows in Tartarus, building social links, improving skills, and you also have the option to complete quests for Elizabeth (or Theodore if you so choose). In this Elizabeth requests walkthrough I will be guiding you through all 80 quests and how to complete them, complete with dates they become available and any possible deadlines.

Note: Please remember to accept quests before trying to fulfill completion requirements to ensure item drops etc.

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Elizabeth Requests Walkthrough (P3 Portable)


  1. Retrieve 1 Beetle shell (Reward: 12,000 Yen) – Dropped by Grave Beetle on floors 6-15, deadline for completion is 5/7
  2. Retrieve the first old document (Reward Bead Chain) – Reach the top of the Thebel Block before the full moon, deadline for completion is 5/7
  3. Muscle Drink (Reward: Dark Jacket) – Can be found in chests or purchased in pharmacy, has no deadline


  1. Retrieve 3 old lanterns (Reward: Umugi Water) – Dropped by Phantom Mage on floors 17-24, deadline is 6/6
  2. Retrieve the second old document (Reward: Recarm card) – Reach the mid-point of the Arqa Block before the full moon, deadline is 6/6
  3. Create Jack Frost persona with Dia skill (Reward: Battle Panties) – Fuse Pixie and Unicorn, no deadline
  4. Retrieve 1 lead medal (Reward: Toy Bow) – Dropped by Wealth Hands in Thebel Block, has no deadline
  5. Create Valkyrie with Tarukaja (Reward: Torn Black Cloth) – Fuse Forneus and Yomotsu Shikome (Note: must complete previous fusion request to unlock)


  1. Retrieve 5 bronze figurines (Reward: Sigma Drive) – Dropped by Bronze Dice on floors 41-46, deadline 7/5
  2. Retrieve 3 snake scales (Reward: 46,000 Yen) – Dropped by Lustful Snake in Aqra Block, deadline 7/5
  3. Retrieve the third old document (Reward: 50,000 Yen) – Reach the top of the Arqa block by the full moon


  1. Retrieve 1 Goggle-eyed idol (Reward: Winter outfit Mitsuru) – Obtained from Shinshoudo Antiques, has no deadline
  2. Retrieve the shell of a man (Reward: Legendary Cleaver) – Found at the school laboratory as part of the anatomical model, no deadline
  3. Retrieve 1 steel medal (Reward: Spiked Bat) – Dropped by Treasure Hand in Arqa Block (Note: must complete previous medal retrieval Elizabeth request to unlock). Has no deadline
  4. Obtain Level 17+ Oberon (Reward: Winter Akihiko outfit) – Fuse Jack Frost and Alp then level to 17+ (Note: must complete previous fusion request to unlock). Has no deadline


  1. Bring Strong Medicine (Reward: Balm of Life) – See Mr. Edogawa when sick or tired after accepting this request, no deadline


  1. Funky School Music (Reward: Orange Cutsew) – Retrieve at school from PA room, has no deadline


  1. Retrieve 5 relic fragments (Reward: Land Badge) – Dropped by Creation Relic on floors 65-77, deadline 8/4
  2. Retrieve 3 greasy gears (Reward: King of Wands) – Dropped by Wild Drive in Yabbashah Block, deadline 8/4
  3. Retrieve the fourth old document (Reward: Fast Retreat card) – Reach the mid-point of the Yabbashah block by the full moon, deadline 8/4
  4. Retrieve 1 bronze medal (Reward: Steel pipe) – Dropped by Supreme Hand in Yabbashah block (Note: must complete last medal Elizabeth request to unlock). Has no deadline
  5. Create Vetala with Maragi skill (Reward: Sugar Key) – Fuse Pyro Jack and Jack Frost and Narcissus, has no deadline. (Note: Must complete last fusion request to unlock)
  6. Create Orthrus with Dodge Slash skill (Reward: Winter outfit Yukari) – Fuse Ares with Valkyrie and Queen Mab, has no deadline. (Note: Must complete last fusion request to unlock)


  1. Retrieve 5 Tiara’s Hair (Reward: Precious Egg) – Dropped by Shouting Tiara on floors 102-113, deadline is 9/3
  2. Retrieve 4 Knight’s reigns (Reward: Greaves of Dawn) – Dropped by Champion Knight in Yabbashah block, deadline 9/3
  3. Retrieve fifth old document (Reward: 120,000 Yen) – Reach the top of Yabbashah block before full moon, deadline is 9/3
  4. Retrieve 1 Platinum watch (Reward: Summer outfit Mitsuru) – Buy from police station, no deadline (Note: must complete last retrieval quest to unlock)


  1. Find drink with sister’s name (Reward: Summer outfit Junpei) – Eat at Que Sera Sera after accepting requests, has no deadline
  2. Obtain Level 33+ Oumitsunu (Reward: Machine Core) – Fuse Flauros and Oberon and level to 33+ (Note: must complete last level-focused persona Elizabeth request to unlock). Has no deadline
  3. Retrieve 1 Homunculus (Reward: Winter outfit Junpei) – Find in rare chests or Shinshoudo Antiques (note: Must complete last retrieval request to unlock). Has no deadline
  4. Find Beautiful Tie (Reward: Summer outfit Akihiko) – Go to Mahjong club after accepting request (Note: Must complete sister drink request to unlock). Has no deadline
  5. Retrieve 1 Silver medal (Reward: Bone) – Dropped by Opulent Hand in Tziah block (Note: must complete last medal request to unlock)


  1. Retrieve 5 Empress’s Mirrors (Reward: Quick Pumps) – Dropped by Elegant Mother in floors 126-138, deadline is 10/2
  2. Retrieve 3 Gold handguards (Reward: Bus Stop Sign) – Dropped by Hakurou Musha in Tziah block, deadline is 10/2
  3. Retrieve the sixth old document (Reward: Bead) – Reach the mid-point of Tziah Block, deadline is 10/3
  4. Create Black Frost (Reward: Baseball jersey) – Fuse King frost with Jack frost, Queen Mab and Pyro Jack (Note: must complete last fusion request to unlock). Has no deadline


  1. 3 Jack Frost Dolls (Reward: Jack’s Gloves) – Play crane game at Paulownia mall, has no deadline


  1. Try Sushi (Reward: Scrub Brush) – Get Inari Sushi from Naganaki shrine, has no deadline
  2. Retrieve 3 gold rings (Reward: 340,000 Yen) – Dropped by Wondrous Magus on floors 151-159, deadline 11/1
  3. Retrieve 2 red armor plates (Reward: Spirit Bracers) – Dropped by Scarlet Turret in Tziah Block, deadline 11/1
  4. Retrieve the seventh old document (Reward: Megidolaon gem) – Reach the top of Tziah Block before full moon, deadline 11/1
  5. Create Girimehkala (Reward: Marionette) – Fuse Rangda, Gurr, Taraka and Vetala (Note: Must complete last fusion request to unlock). Has no deadline
  6. Create Daisoujo (Reward: Winter outfit Ken) – Fuse Ara Mitama, Saki Mitama, Kusi Mitama, Nigi Mitama and Mithra (Note: must complete last fusion request to unlock). Has no deadline


  1. Retrieve 6 pink feathers (Reward: Berserker’s Seal) – Dropped by Gracious Cupid on floors 181-190, deadline is 11/30
  2. Retrieve 3 moon tablets (Reward: Space Badge) – Dropped by Ruinous Idol in Harabah Block, deadline is 11/30
  3. Retrieve last old document (Reward: 650,000 Yen) – Reach top of Harabah block before full moon, deadline is 12/29
  4. Retrieve 2 gold medals (Reward: Rocket Punch) – Dropped by Luxury Hand in Harabah Block, has no deadline. (Note: must complete last medal request to unlock)
  5. Create Alice Persona with Megido skill (Reward: Lily Petal) – Fuse Oberon with Decarabia to create Nata Taishi with Megido. Fuse this Nata Taishi with Lilim, Narcissus and Pixie. (Note: must complete previous request to unlock). Has no deadline


  1. Retrieve 3 Sands of Time (Reward: Atlus Stick) – Dropped by Perpetual Sand on floors 202-210, deadline is 12/29
  2. Retrieve 3 Rainbow hairs (Reward: Omega Drive) – Dropped by Daring Gigas in Harabah Block, deadline is 12/29
  3. Create Lilith Persona with Mabufudyne skill (Reward: Sacrificial Idol) –  Fuse a level 71+ Gabriel with Ara Mitama to create Succubus with the Mabudyne skill. Fuse this Succubus with Incubus, Vetala and Lilim. Has no deadline (Note: must complete last fusion Elizabeth Request to unlock)
  4. Create Level 63+ Loki (Reward: Masakados) – Fuse Legion with Decarabia and Ose then get to level 63+. (Note: must complete previous request to unlock). Has no deadline


  1. Retrieve 1 Blood Button (Reward: 5 Million Yen) – Defeat The Reaper,has no deadline
  2. Retrieve 3 Platinum Medals (Reward: Berserker’s Seal) – Dropped by Glorious Hand in Adamah Block, no deadline. (Note: must complete last medal request to unlock)
  3. Defeat The Ultimate Opponent (Reward: Omnipotent Orb) – Win fight on last floor of Tartarus, no deadline

Visit Quests

There are 5 visiting quests sprinkled throughout the year. The specific dates they become available are 4/30, 6/10, 8/7, 11/5, and 12/4. To complete these just go on a “date” with Elizabeth or Theodore and they will be completed.

Fetch Quests

All of these requests have no deadline unless otherwise specified:

  1. Bring Sengoku-era helm (Reward: Knee-high Maid) – Visit faculty office after accepting the request
  2. Try Oden Juice (Reward: Maid outfit) – Buy one of every vending machine drink during the kyoto trip. Following this, speak to the woman by the Persimmon tree
  3. Food fit for a wolf (Reward: Cross Dog Suit) – Get from Koromaru on 11/12, deadline is 11/30
  4. Scrub the bathroom (Reward: Maid Outfit) – After completing the request to earn the scrub brush clean the Port Island Station restrooms
  5. Water the flowers (Reward: Maid outfit) – Water flowers on school rooftop
  6. Feed the cats (Reward: Summer outfit Yukari) – Feed the cats at the Port Island Station outskirts four times. Food can be purchased from Aohige pharmacy
  7. Featherman figure (Reward: Ningen Mukotsu) – Get from Ken on 11/21, deadline is 11/30
  8. Pine Resin (Reward: Siren’s Song) – Get from Yukari on 5/2, deadline is 5/7
  9. Handheld Game System (Reward: Two-Handed Sword) – Get from Junpei on 5/14, deadline is 6/6
  10. Triangular Sword (Reward: Bulletproof Vest) – Get from Mitsuru on 5/26, deadline is 6/6
  11. Protein (Reward: Bladefist) – Get from Akihikoon 6/16, deadline is 7/5
  12. Glasses Wipe (Reward: Amigo Poncho) – Get from Ikutsuki on 6/20, deadline is 7/5
  13. Christmas Star (Reward: Cyber Shoes) – Get from Fuuka on 6/27, deadline is 7/5
  14. Fruit Knife (Reward: Guillotine Axe) – Get from Shinjiro on 9/17, deadline is 10/2
  15. Oil (Reward: Railgun) – Get from Aigis on 10/2, deadline is 10/2

Rare Chest Quests

As we reach the end-point of this Elizabeth Requests walkthrough it’s time to run through the rare chest quests, these also have no deadlines

  1. Bring Juzumaru (Reward: Maragi card) – Find in Thebel Block in rare chests
  2. Onimaru Kunitsuna (Reward: Opal) – Find in Yabbashah Block in rare chests
  3. Mikazuki Munechika (Reward: Malachite) – Find in Tziah Block in rare chests
  4. Outenta Mitsuyo (Reward: Ruby) – Find in Tziah Block in rare chests
  5. Myohou Muramasa (Reward: Soma) – Find in Monad Depths in rare chests

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