NBA 2K23 Guide to Earning VC Quickly

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NBA games in recent years have all centred on one thing; VC. This virtual currency makes the world go around in newer NBA 2K offerings and NBA 2K23 is no different. That’s why in this article I will be making a guide on how to earn VC in the fastest way possible.

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Earning VC Quickly in NBA 2K23

Cheese It

So I have one method to earn about 500 VC every 10 minutes or so, which is probably the quickest method I’ve come across so far. Here is how to pull it off.

Start a MyCAREER save with any build you want, sometimes I like to make purposely bad builds just to see what they play like. No matter what team you play for your salary is 500 VC per game to start out with, which can be used to cheese your way into VC.

In essence, I play so badly that the team reduces my minutes to only about five per game, to make this even worse I reduce the quarter length in the settings menu to 5 minutes, and crank up the difficulty to Hall of Fame.

For every game played I earn about 500 VC, and I tend to only play for a couple of minutes. Add in the 2KTV answers I get to do in this timeframe, and I start earning VC pretty quickly.

While playing poorly on purpose isn’t the most riveting way to lay NBA 2K23, I can’t really find a quicker way to earn VC in this year’s game.

Some Normal Ways

If cheesing it and earning VC through playing badly isn’t for you then here are the proper ways to earn VC in the game:

  • Play Games (yeah shocker). This does come with some restrictions. If you play any game with quarter lengths under 5 minutes I find the game doesn’t give VC. In addition, if you play half of a game and simcast half, you’ll get half of the VC you’d normally get which isn’t terrible
  • Endorsements in MyCAREER. At a certain point these are a goldmine but to start with they’re only good for an occasional boost
  • 2KTV Answers
  • MyCAREER Rewards

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