Pokemon SV: Best Team for Quaxly

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Quaxly has already made a mark with Pokemon fans. The undeniably sassy water-type Pokemon is one of the three starters in Scarlet & Violet, and we must say all three have made an impression. But that begs the question, what is the best team for Quaxly? In this article, we will explain which Pokemon to get for your squad AND when to make changes as the difficulty scales.

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Best Team for Quaxly in Pokemon SV

Early Game

  • Quaxly
  • Charcadet
  • Rookidee
  • Paldean Wooper
  • Smoliv
  • Maschiff

By assembling this lineup around Quaxly I was able to cover a lot of weaknesses. The base elements of water, fire and grass are dealt with while Rookidee, Maschiff and Wooper add in some variety to take care of more tricky enemies.


  • Quaxwell
  • Charcadet
  • Corvisquire
  • Clodsire
  • Mabosstiff
  • Dolliv

Late Game

  • Quaqauval
  • Amarouge or Ceruledge
  • Arboliva
  • Kilowattrell
  • Mabosstiff
  • Clodsire

For the late game, I suggest some minor tweaks as Corvisquire gets replaced by Kilowattrell. Otherwise, the evolved Pokemon should provide enough coverage for different elements to deal with any opponent.

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Any Potential Changes

You can, if desired, make use of Arctibax which will have dragon/ice-type moves. Clodsire can be dropped to make space for Arctibax, especially if you opt to get Ceruledge who is a partial ghost type. You can also drop Mabosstiff as the game progresses if you have another dark-type Pokemon that you’d prefer. Sadly, because this is a best team for Quaxly guide I can’t advise getting the popular Gyarados on the team as the water element is already covered by the starter.

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