FM23 Wonderkids – 5 Best Young Players to Sign in Football Manager 23

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Football Manager 2023 is here and with it comes the scramble to put together the best teams possible. One of the biggest things in the game every year is the search for the best young players in the game with players eager to snap up all of the top young talents in football. In this article, we will be taking a look at the five best FM23 wonderkids to pick up in this year’s game

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5 Best Wonderkids in FM23

1. Jude Bellingham

An obvious choice, but a must-have on any list like this one. In reality, Bellingham is already being sought after by some of the biggest teams in the game with Real Madrid potentially leading the charge.

He is a must-buy youngster in Football Manager, but he won’t come cheap. If you can lock him down, however, he will be the backbone of your midfield for over a decade to come.

2. Endrick

Another year, another unbelievably young prospect from Brazil that has the football world scrambling. Endrick is just 15 but has already caught the eyes of a number of major teams. He won’t be available to sign instantly but if a deal can be done then he can be kitted out for your team by the time he’s 18.

He’s got all the core stats you could look for in a modern forward including dribbling skills equal to his strong finishing.

3. Gavin Bazunu

The Southampton stopper is just 20 years of age but has already cemented his spot as a Premier League player. Any experienced FM player knows just how vital it is to have a top-tier goalkeeper in your team, and if you can lock one down for a decade to come then you have a dynasty on your hands.

Bazunu’s stats are unbelievably good for a 20-year-old goalkeeper and with Gianluigi Donnarumma in PSG’s clutches, it’s safe to say Bazunu is the best young goalkeeper on the market in FM23.

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4. Antonio Silva

No FM23 Wonderkids list is complete without a generational central defender. Antonio Silva is everything you could look for in a modern player. High composure, passing, and vision stats make him an excellent choice to play out from the back, his anticipation and tackling make him a strong defender without the ball too.

5. Vanderson

Getting strong wing-backs or wide defenders is the key to building a winning team. In FM23 Venderson stands out as one of the best options at the right-back spot. His stamina, pace, crossing, and acceleration all stand out as desirable attributes for a right-back and potential right-wing-back.

Attacking is where Vanderson will be of most use but he has enough defensive qualities to not be a liability on that side of the ball, which is all that’s asked of most defenders nowadays.

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There you have it. Our top five list for the best FM23 Wonderkids. Any omissions? Any other Football Manager content you’d like us to make?

Leave your comments in the comments section below and let us know your thoughts!

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