Persona 5 Royal Chariot Confidant Guide (Ryuji Sakamoto)

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Confidants are a big part of the lore of Persona 5 Royal but levelling people up to level 10 can often be quite difficult. In this article, I will be talking through everything you will need to know to max out a relationship with Ryuji Sakamoto. This is a Chariot Confidant guide and will only focus on Sakamoto!

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Persona 5 Royal – Chariot Confidant Guide


Planning around the different schedules of the various confidants can often prove to be a headache, thankfully that isn’t the case with Ryuji. He can be found after school Monday through Friday, making him one of the least complex of all the social links.

The only potential trip-up with Ryuji is that a lot of his rank-up events can’t take place when it’s raining or the weather is bad which could stall progress. Otherwise, he is quite straight forward.

Best Responses

For those who aren’t aware the responses you give to your confidant can have a different impact depending on how much they enjoy it. Being vague or downright mean will often mean you get no bonus points towards levelling up, while a good answer will give a maximum of 3 points.

Of course to get the most benefit you HAVE TO have a Chariot arcana Persona equipped while meeting Sakamoto. This IS a Chariot confidant guide after all

Here are the best responses to give to Reyuji’s prompts

Rank 2

Response 1: I’m Counting on You/You Seem pretty excited

Response 2: Both offer the same impact

Response 3: Both offer the same impact

Call: All offer the same impact

Rank 3

Response 1: Let’s not fight

Response 2: Calm down, Ryuji

Call: I Can’t Exactly blame you

Rank 4

Response 1: Are you worried about him?

Response 2: But you’re doing great/I know how you feel

Rank 5

Response 1: Protein powder

Response 2: You seem conflicted/do you want to rejoin

Response 3: So he’s an asshole?

Call: Don’t Worry. I gotcha

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Rank 6

Response 1: We can train at my place

Response 2: both offer the same impact

Response 3: Absolutely/More or Less

Response 4: both offer same impact

Call: So he should’ve punched back?

Rank 7

Response 1: Let’s talk to Takeishi

Response 2: I think it’s cool, Ryuji

Call: Never know until you try

Rank 8

Response 1: Both offer same impact

Response 2: Both offer same impact

Response 3: All I did was watch

Response 4: You weren’t cool though

Call: So. Closed case?

Rank 9

Response 1: Are you satisfied now?

Response 2: Don’t do it

Response 3: Both offer same impact

Response 4: I agree

Call: Congratulations


Levelling up a social link comes with some cool new abilities to boot. Progressing the Chariot arcana link will net you the following:

Rank 2 – Punk Talk

Rank 3 – Follow Up

Rank 4 – Stealth Dash

Rank 6 – Harisen Recovery

Rank 7 – Insta-kill

Rank 8 – Endure

Rank 9 – Protect

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