Newest Gaming Releases of 2022

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2022 is set to be a big year in the world of gaming. With developers getting back to work and new innovations making graphics sharper, worlds more immersive and gameplay more exciting, gamers have a lot to look forward to in the year to come.

With the first half of 2022 firmly in the books, it’s time to look back at the hottest gaming releases so far.

Best Gaming Releases of 2022 So Far

The Quarry

The Quarry is the latest release from Supermassive Games, the developer known for the interactive slasher flick Until Dawn.

While not strictly a sequel, it’s the spiritual successor to the 2015 hit. Like Until Dawn, you’ll be the escort for a group of young people heading toward their untimely death. This time, you’ll be watching a bunch of teenagers attempting to survive the night at summer camp.

The interactive drama of The Quarry gives you exactly what you would expect – lots of grisly death and a selection of characters ranging from the mundane to the outright annoying. A great way to start the summer!

Card Shark

Digital card games have reached something of a renaissance period. Working out the math, learning the lingo and being more intelligent make this genre great.

Card Shark puts you in the shoes of a 17th-century peasant looking to cheat the aristocracy out of their ill-gotten gains using the power of sleight of hand. Unlike other games where you need to be a better player, this is all about the art of deception – and outright cheating.

If you’re a fan of playing in casinos around the world, such as those online casinos in Finland, you’ll love this game. It’s also a great way to learn more about playing poker in the best new online casinos.

Diablo Immortal

The Diablo franchise is one of the most popular PC franchises ever made. Diablo Immortal heralds a complete 180 on the game’s traditional model. Rather than opting for the tried-and-tested model that worked so well before, it has moved to a mobile-first approach, with plenty of microtransactions to go along with it.

Immortal, despite its controversy, is shockingly intuitive on the iPhone. Flick your index finger to send your crossbow bolts across the screen or call in massive arcane storms to demolish the enemies in front of you.

And, yes, it’s just as frustrating as the original Diablo III, which sold 5.26 million units.

Eternal Threads

The concept of Eternal Threads is pretty simple. You’re a time-traveling detective who needs to study the dimensional feedback and alter the timeline where the victims of a tragic fire survive. It has a lot of secrets, heartbreaking turns and unexpected twists.

Uncover the mysteries and decide how the story will go. This PC title is already a dark horse for one of 2022’s most successful releases.

Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2 continues where the original left off nine years ago. Bringing back features like no save points and permadeath makes this game a real challenge. If your character dies, you take control of one of their direct descendants.

One of the coolest features of Rogue Legacy 2 is the fact that genetic traits are passed on from your original character. It could be a genetic boon, or a curse that makes the game even harder.

With so much environmental diversity, you’ll love traversing what is essentially a video game version of a fantasy serial.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

The Stanley Parable was a narration of the drudgery of corporate life, as you wake in an abandoned cubicle and try to escape. The goal is to break the game and prevent the linear, single-player campaign from occurring.

Ultra Deluxe is the sequel and follows from where the original left off. It’s more of an expansion pack than a standalone game, but that makes it even better. Enjoy the two-way conversation with the original game and revisit where you left off.

This is very much a game for PlayStation Plus that you’ll either love or hate, but it’s well worth jumping in and seeing what happens.


There’s no doubt that 2022 has already delivered some big winners from the gaming world. It has certainly been one of the better years for the gaming industry, with successful titles in a diverse array of sectors.

You can even go further and revisit some of the old classics. Whatever you like to play, there’s sure to be something for you in 2022.

What gaming releases are you most looking forward to this year?


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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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