Umurangi Generation Special Edition Coming to Xbox

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Umurangi Generation the photography game from PLAYSIM and ORIGAME DIGITAL will be arriving on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass on May 17th. The game is currently available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

The Xbox version will be a special edition, like the Switch release. The special edition will include the base PC game, Macro DLC, quality-of-life improvements, and additional modes.

Umurangi Generation Special Edition Coming to Xbox and Game Pass on May 17th.

The game puts gamers into the role of a member of the Umurangi Generation as disasters in the world have turned the entire sky red. The main character is a courier for the Tauranga Express who is also a photographer.

The main character work through the town as disaster unfolds and captures moments as each stage brings you closer to the end of the world. A variety of filters and lenses lets you put a creative spin on each photo.

The game features extensive tools that allow gamers to edit and develop photos. This gives the game a strong focus on player expression and creative output.

Each level of Umurangi Generation has a different set of objectives called “Photo Bounties”. Each photo will be graded on its content as well as color and compensation. After completing all bounties, gamers can deliver parcels to finish out the level.

Since being released on PC Umurangi Generation has picked up multiple awards including:

  • 23rd Annual IGF Awards – Seumas McNally Grand Prize
  • 23rd Annual IGF Awards – Excellence in Narrative Winner
  • 23rd Annual IGF Awards – Nuovo Award Nominee
  • 23rd Annual IGF Awards – Excellence in Visual Art Honorable Mention
  • 24th Japan Media Arts Festival – New Face Award
  • 2021 Indie Play – Best Overseas Game Nominee

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Umurangi Generation Special Edition Coming to Xbox


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