Hardcore Platformer Sockventure Available Now for Nintendo Switch

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Independent games publisher Versus Evil and developer Nighthouse Games announced that their 2D platform action game Sockventure is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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Sockventure Brings Hardcore Fast-Paced Platforming to Nintendo Switch

Sockventure brings super-fast, eye-catching gameplay with its stunningly colorful graphics and frenetic 2D platform action over 200 handcrafted levels across 7 chapters. Developed by Nighthouse Games players take on the role of Supersock, a superhero tasked with finding all the missing socks inside a cursed washing machine.


Precision-based gameplay and split-second timing are essential to navigate the intricately designed levels filled with deadly hazards such as fire, lasers, circular saws, and other dangerous threats.

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Sockhero can acquire new skills during his deadly sock retrieval mission, wall jumping, double jumping, dashing, and stomping help him navigate the myriad of colorful levels and devious hazards in the search for lost socks. Sockhero can also collect coins scattered throughout the levels which unlock dark chapters, presenting a whole new platforming challenge without auto-run.

Sockventure brings a fantastic mix of difficulty, depth, vibrant level design and rapid fun gameplay.” said Steve Escalante General Manager of Versus Evil. “We are excited to bring Sockventure to Nintendo Switch and know that fans of this genre are getting one of the best platformers to grace our lineup of releases in 2022”

About Nighthouse Games

Nighthouse Games was founded in 2020. Nighthouse Games is an award-winning two-man game studio from Tampere, Finland and its focus is in making high quality 2D platformer games for PC and consoles. Learn more at nighthousegames.com.

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About Versus Evil

Founded in 2013, Versus Evil, LLC is the US-based video game publisher behind critically acclaimed video games First Class Trouble, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, and The Banner Saga trilogy. Publishing games on all major mobile, PC and console platforms, Versus Evil works with independent development studios from around the world. The corporate philosophy is to champion for the independent game developer. For more information visit versusevil.com

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