Cassette Beasts Best Beasts (Early Game & Late Game)

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In this look at the best beasts in Cassette Beasts, I will be looking at what monsters to make sure you have on your team in the early-game and late-game situations. Evolving your team is a very important part of succeeding in a game like this which is why I am detailing both scenarios.

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Cassette Beasts Best Beasts Guide

Early Game


A good one to catch early the Dominoth learns electric moves once it starts levelling up which have a conductive effect. This effect is pretty useful to have as it can stop enemies in their tracks.


This little guy is an absolute battering ram who can bring the pain to the opposition even in the early-game. It keeps that up even as it increases in level making it a very useful tape to have on your team.


Another damage-dealer, Squirey is a physical fighter with great melee strength. This is especially useful in the early-game where enemies have lower HP meaning this creature can help end fights as quickly as possible.

Late Game


Much like in the earlier sections, having a lightning type beast can be almost game-breaking with their area of effect and the conductive effect. Cat-5 can also be improved pretty easily with stickers and can be unlocked through Meredith, meaning you won’t have to go through the effort of evolving a beast properly.


Khepri can and will scorch anything that stands in its way with its ludicrously high-ranged attack stat. It can be incredibly difficult to find, as it is a rare beast, but if you manage to find it and capture it you could just have a battle-winner on your side for the rest of the game.


This is another strong offensive monster to have on side but one that combines well-rounded stats with status-inflicting abilities that should turn things in your favor no matter the opposition.

What do you think of our Cassette Beasts best beasts guide for the early and late game? Are there any monsters you would rather have? Be sure to let us know.

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