What We Want To See From Kingdom Hearts IV After the Announcement

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At the 20th Anniversary Event of the Kingdom Hearts, we were given an overview of the glorious past and gaming memories created by the series. We were also given a glimpse into the future, especially at the end with the first look into Kingdom Hearts IV. The ending of Kingdom Hearts III left players wanting more (in a good or bad way), and now we are finally getting it.

This new introduction to the popular series has the potential to give the fans something unique and different. There is so much to speculate on what Square Enix could give the fans, but that isn’t stopping them from creating a long list of speculation and wishes. While some may be far-fetched, some are fairly reasonable to hope for when the fourth main edition to the series comes out in the distant future.

What We Want to Get From Kingdom Hearts IV

More Realistic Worlds

In the epilogue of Kingdom Hearts III, we see Sora and Riku separated in the realistic world of quadratum. This world was supposedly made off a Final Fantasy-like video game level called Verum Rex’ from the Toy Story world. Evidently, the world is real and likely the main world of Kingdom Hearts IV. With the addition of the more realistic world, there is a reason to believe that other realistic (or non-cartoon worlds) could be in play for Sora to rescue from the darkness.

Kingdom Hearts IV could continue using more of Disney’s properties to add to their world. They have already accomplished this twice with the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ in Kingdom Heart II and III. These properties of Disney that could make their way to being used in the upcoming game could include Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones, Avatar, and Predator. That last one probably won’t happen though.

In the trailer, there are different environments showing off the realistic worlds. There is a point where the forest barely shows the foot of an AT-ST from Star Wars is shown, giving us the belief that Star Wars could be one of the levels explored by Sora. Specifically, the AT-ST in the forest is a depiction of Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi, where the empire is habituating the forest moon of Endor.

This would give a whole new perspective on the world of Star Wars and what the foretellers potentially led by Xigbar (aka Luxu) will do in these realistic worlds. The idea that the new villains could try to take care of the Death Star or the Infinity Stones would bring a new challenge to Sora.

Two Different Playable Character Arcs

While Sora might be pulled into this new reality, he will not likely be stuck there. Eventually, he will be reunited with his buddies Donald and Goofy. Sora will likely have to find a way back to his familiar reality. Donald and Goofy might need help getting to Sora, which means they may need help from Riku or a friend.

While Sora tackles the realistic gloom of new worlds in Kingdom Hearts IV, the new three amigos could tackle the cartoon Disney worlds we are familiar with. This includes going back to Olympus, Halloween Town, and maybe even new worlds from series like Encanto, Luca, or Raya and the Last Dragon. Some levels and different art designs would allow them to show us the game isn’t too serious with this new chapter arc.

New Kinds of Enemies

The darkseeker story arc has ended, and so has the concept of Xeonhart. Kingdom hearts IV it is time for a new set of villains to take over and fill more worlds with darkness. Square Enix has shown they are not afraid to create new creatures for the heroes to defeat past the heartless. This new set of stories could bring a new perspective on enemies, especially with the giant shown in the trailer.

As far as the villains, Xigbar has shown that he has been running a scheme since his pre-organization XIII days. After being defeated in Kingdom Hearts III, he was one of the only villains that didn’t have a peaceful resolution with Sora. He, along with some potential foretellers, could try to take control of the darkness when it might be only Xigar/Luxu that knows the real purpose.

Bringing Back Final Fantasy Characters

One attribute that was missed by many fans in Kingdom Hearts III was the lack of Final Fantasy characters. They were the characters that leveled out the characters of Disney and the original characters. Gamers liked seeing Cloud, Leon, and Yuffie along with introductions in later games such as Auron in Kingdom Hearts II.

With the inclusion of a realistic set of worlds, it would be a great opportunity to add Square Enix characters like Vincent Valentine (FF VII), Lightning (FF XIII), and Noctis (XV). All three characters bring the perfect chill, serious vibe to the new reality. This game would be a perfect time to introduce unique characters such as Kefka Palazzo (FF VI), Balthier (FF XII), or Clive Rosfield of the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI game. Bringing back Auron and Tifa would be fine as well.

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What do you want to see from Kingdom Hearts IV?" Read more »

Would love to see some Final Fantasy characters! Especially with the remake of 7 out.

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