Unleash the Truth With Dusk Diver 2, Coming to Consoles Summer 2022

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Idea Factory International announced at the NGPX showcase that Dusk Diver 2, the action-packed sequel to the original title, is set to launch for Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®5, and PlayStation®4 this Summer. Players can battle against a variety of Chaos Beasts and set out on new adventures with Yumo and her friends. Dusk Diver 2 evolves the gameplay experience of the action RPG series with new character options, cutscenes, customizations, and more. Additionally, fans will be able to purchase the Launch Edition version at all retailers, including the IFI Online Store, which features an exclusive Trading Card.

Dusk Diver 2 Gets Summer 2022 Release Window

Dusk Diver 2 continues the story of Yumo and her friends, taking up arms once again to protect the Human Realm from dimensional evils that are converging on Taipei’s bustling Ximending neighborhood and its dark underworld, Youshanding. Who can Yumo and the Guardians of Kunlun trust? What consequences of their past will they face? Fight to find the truth and save the city once again!

Dusk Diver 2 Features

  • Unruly Attack Combinations – Seamlessly switch between four characters in combat, each with their own movesets and strengths. Combine different support skills to keep the enemies on their toes and your combo count high!
  • New Adventures – Explore the virtually recreated neighborhood of Ximending in Taipei, Taiwan, sightsee and grab a bite to eat for stat boosts before battle – just watch out for the Possessed and dimensional fissures…
  • Play to Your Style! – Tailor your equipment, skills and Orb combinations to suit your playstyle!

Last Word on Gaming Viewpoint

The art style and settings of this game give some slight NEO: The World Ends With You vibes. I’m quite excited to see the end product since I like that kind of art and the gameplay seems much more action-packed than NEO.

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Dominic Padula

This looks awesome, will have to catch up on the first one!

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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