Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak New Trailer Reveals Huge Expansion

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On March 23rd during a Monster HunterDigital Event, series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto unveiled a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the massive expansion to the top-selling and award-winning Monster Hunter Rise™. The enthralling new trailer offers a glimpse of the new story, the new Elgado Outpost hub, the challenging new monsters, and the exciting new abilities that hunters will encounter after completing the story of the base game.

Massive Expansion News – Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak New Trailer Revealed

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Version Details

In addition to the digital-only MSRP $39.99 Standard Edition, a special MSRP $49.99 Deluxe Edition will include the massive expansion in addition to bonus content such as layered armor sets, gestures, and hairstyle. Avid players can also purchase the limited Collector’s Edition* (physical only) for MSRP $99.99. This package will contain a digital voucher for the Deluxe Edition of the expansion in addition to physical items such as a sticker pack, enamel pin, steelbook case and an amiibo figure of Malzeno, the expansion’s flagship monster. While the Collector’s Edition will not include a copy of the base game, hunters looking to start their journey in Kamura can select the MSRP $69.99 edition set in digital versions for Nintendo Switch and PC. This set includes the Standard Edition of the game as well as the massive expansion.

*Collector’s Edition available in the US and Canada only

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Trailer – What’s The Story?

The game begins following the heroic defense of Kamura Village against the Rampage that concludes in Monster Hunter Rise. News of the village’s survival inspires the gallant knight Dame Fiorayne to travel from the distant Kingdom seeking aid. Hunters brave enough to answer the call will set out for the port of Elgado Outpost. This bustling maritime waystation is the home of the Laboratory researching the abnormal monster activity troubling the Kingdom, and the Command Post tasked with restoring peace to the realm. Here, players will interact with a cast of new characters including the commander of the Knights of the Royal Order Admiral Galleus, the quirky scientist Bahari, Minayle the Blacksmith, Oboro the Merchant, and the quest giver Chichae. These helpful allies will assist hunters in crafting new gear for the perils ahead, and instructing them to perform powerful new Wirebug techniques.

The threat befalling the Kingdom is closely linked to powerful creatures inspired by staples of Western horror known as the Three Lords. This cadre includes the newly unveiled Garangolm, the chilling Fanged Wyvern Lunagaron, and the Elder Dragon Malzeno. In addition to these nightmarish new foes, other monster variants and returning fan-favorites including Blood Orange Bishaten and the mighty Astalos will emerge to challenge hunters in the added Master Rank quest difficulty. Researching the behavior of the Three Lords will take hunters across the Kingdom to exciting new locales, including the newly-unveiled Citadel. This locale boasts snow-swept peaks cascading down to lush forests teeming with new forms of endemic life. At the center of this vast region sits a long-abandoned fortress that serves as a bastion for the very monsters it was built to keep out.

To help new players prepare for the arrival of the new content, new armor sets and weapons for Monster Hunter Rise have been added. The powerful Defender series of weapons boasts a high attack power for helping players advance through early hunts, and can be paired with the Black Belt armor and Veteran’s Talisman for enhanced survivability and useful skills. As players approach High Rank, the Guild Cross set speeds up the process of harvesting useful items that can be stockpiled for future hunts. Monster Hunter Rise players who do not purchase the Sunbreak expansion will receive an update when Sunbreak launches that will require 13GB on Nintendo Switch and PC. The update will be required for online play, and includes weapon balances, item packs, and character edit vouchers.

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