Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Tips To Victory

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Entering the Cold War and shooting your way through the enemy ranks is one of the game’s highlights, but with minor adjustments to the gameplay comes a new approach to multiplayer that may take some getting used to. Even though you can learn these by trial and error, this guide can help you prepare in advance and give you an edge when entering the multiplayer mode. So continue reading Black Ops Cold War Cheat to learn some crucial tips and methods to help you conquer the battlefield and raise your KDA level.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Tips To Victory

How to Get Better at the Game

  • Difficulty in Jumping

Taking part in a jump challenge is one of the most ancient professional first-person shooter methods. You can utilize it to sneak around corners and catch players off a surprise by pushing them off their game. The jump challenge accomplishes two objectives. For starters, there is the element of surprise.

Instead of taking slow glances at a spot or simply passing through a door, opponents will be forced to modify their aim due to jumping. It takes more effort to hit a moving target than a stationary target. A skilful jump challenge incorporates the three principles outlined below.

  • Sprinting perpendicular to the opponent’s sightline is recommended.
  • Jump and ADS towards the direction of the adversary.
  • Jump (rabbit hop) and fire by tapping the screen.

Examine and Test Various Settings

Playing using default settings is a common mistake made by players. Start exploring and experimenting with your settings right away. This is a mistake new players make. Test matches with various settings to find your sweet spot. The first setting players want to examine is sensitivity.

Players pay close attention to crucial sensitivity settings. Some settings are better than others, and you may prefer the default. Setting the appropriate parameters can also help you improve your game.

Learn How to Use the Maps

As you progress through the many levels in Black Ops Cold War, you’ll eventually get an understanding of the various routes, spawns, power positions, and flanks available. The next time you play a map where an opponent player has consistently killed you from a specific location, try out that location yourself. If you successfully flank that player and obtain the kill, keep in mind that the player flanked from the same direction you did.

Pay close attention to the mini-map as well. Look about you to see where your comrades are and where they’re perishing. Either avoid the region or take a different path to catch the adversaries off guard. Even if you see that your team’s spawn point is on one side of the map, the enemy team will likely be on the other side of that map. Prepare to oppose their assault on the map by putting yourself in a good position.


Everyone understands that moving is one of the most critical things to keep a kill streak going. During a competitive match, opponents will yell out enemy coordinates. After slaying the first adversary, rotate or peek from a fresh angle.

After that, the player who shifts positions wins. If numerous opponents approach, re-peeking with a jump challenge is a possibility.

Become a Master of the Movement

Being familiar with the mobility mechanics in Black Ops Cold War is essential when it comes to roaming the map swiftly and avoiding any attackers who may be trying to track you down on the battlefield.

First introduced in Modern Warfare, the slide-canceling function has returned for Black Ops Cold War and is an effective technique for traveling about the battlefield more quickly than walking or sprinting.

When you want to conduct a slide-cancel, first hit Circle on the Playstation or B on the Xbox to trigger a slide, then swiftly push it again, press X or A for standing back up.

A Word of Advice

Never mind if your game is terrible. Playing too many games and focusing on the tiniest errors might be detrimental. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can improve on certain aspects of your performance. Over-expecting yourself can lead to burnout and a lack of enjoyment.

Consider yourself an amateur, not a professional. If your K/D isn’t top-tier, don’t lose sight of your personal growth. Don’t worry about how far you’ve progressed if you just want to get better. Considering the above tips may help your gameplay to get better.


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