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WWE 2K22 saw the highly requested return of MyGM mode to the series after over a decade away. The game mode has been delighting fans who enjoy running the shows as they see fit and putting together the best matches possible. At the end of the day though, the key is winning. So I’ve put together some WWE 2K22 MyGM tips to help you vanquish the competition.

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WWE 2K22 MyGM Tips

Build Your Core

My biggest advice is to pick about six men OR women to build your brand around. Who you pick can vary based on the draft pool and free agents provided to you but I would suggest sticking with just men or just women. The reason for this is that it is very easy to tire out your top stars in MyGM mode, having six or so top names to build feuds with can allow you to run two major feuds pitting top stars against one another, while you rest the others. Mixing men and women as your top stars will force you to constantly book some names since men and women cannot feud with one another, thus limiting your potential feuds.

If I had to recommend anything, I would say to build your roster around a number of stars from the men’s division. Why is that? Well it has to do with my next tip.

Use The Legends

Much like the actual WWE, I recommend bringing in legends to feud with some of your top stars. The opposing GM can be as good as they want but there’s nothing they can do if I pit Roman Reigns against The Rock in a well-built rivalry, it’s basically a guaranteed 5-star classic. Adding legends to the mix also allows me to rest one of my other top stars to recover their stamina.

The reason I recommended building around men earlier is that the selection of male legends is far greater than the women’s legends available. The biggest names in WWE history are men after all (Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena).


The temptation may be there to splash the cash but conservative is better in this game. I booked a threadbare roster for the most part and never felt the need to splash out for bigger venues or production, especially since most venues will see you make less money than the gym anyway.

Budgeting comes in handy when you need to bring in legends or want to go all out on production for the big events like WrestleMania or TLC in order to maximize the benefit of such big shows.

Rivalries! Rivalries! Rivalries!

I almost didn’t mention this because it felt so obvious but BOOK RIVALRIES. MyGM mode feeds on rivalries, the goal of every single big show is to have level 4 rivalries paid off with big matches, especially if you can put a title on the line. This is the biggest way to get ahead in WWE 2K22’s MyGM mode, as the rating system favors rivalries when computing your score

If you follow these WWE 2K22 MyGM tips you will be running away to victory in no time!

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These WWE 2K22 MyGM Tips will help you squash the opposition


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