River City Girls Zero Now Available on Switch

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It’s time to brawl like it’s 1994! Independent game studio WayForward, in conjunction with Arc System Works, is delighted to announce that the 16-bit beat-’em-up, River City Girls Zero, is now available digitally on Nintendo Switch. Launching just in time for some Valentine’s Day local co-op combat, this previously Japanese-exclusive entry in the River City/Kunio-kun series is now ready to download from the Nintendo Switch eShop, priced at $14.99 and rated T by the ESRB.

River City Girls Zero Launches

A Reinvention

Originally published in 1994 on Super Famicom under the name Shin Nekketsu Koha: Kunio-tachi no Banka, River City Girls Zero lets players hit the streets with series mainstays Kunio and Riki alongside hot-blooded heroines Misako and Kyoko in one- or two-player action. Armed with an arsenal of punches, kicks, slams, stomps, and character-specific special moves, the quartet dishes out justice to countless criminals as they attempt to clear Kunio and Riki of a heinous crime. Along the way, they’ll visit a variety of locales — including a crumbling school, a casino, and an amusement park — and even fight from the back of a motorcycle.

While the classic graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay remain true to their original forms thanks to Limited Run Games’ Carbon Engine, the game delivers several new features, including new opening and closing motion-comic cutscenes, a new animated intro, and brand-new music by River City Girls composer Megan McDuffee and rapper DEMONDICE. River City Girls Zero also features both classic and RCG-style English translations, as well as language options for Spanish, French, German, and Italian, plus the original Japanese.

Following the game’s release on Nintendo Switch, River City Girls Zero is planned to launch digitally on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, the Xbox family of systems, and PC in spring 2022. Additionally, physical editions of the Switch, PS4, and PS5 versions — including Standard, Classic, and Ultimate Editions — as well as a variety of River City Girls Zero merchandise, are available to preorder on limitedrungames.com from now through March 13, 2022. For further news on the River City Girls series, as well as information on other WayForward titles, please visit www.wayforward.com and follow @wayforward on Twitter and Facebook.

Key Features

  • The classic 16-bit beat-’em-up, Shin Nekketsu Koha: Kunio-tachi no Banka, officially translated and released in the West for the first time ever!
  • Switch between four playable characters, each with unique special moves!
  • Compelling story that inspired River City Girls 1 & 2!
  • Deep combat: Unleash an arsenal of punches, kicks, jump attacks, grabs, and more!
  • 1p or 2p local co-op gameplay!
  • A variety of environments: high school, the docks, an amusement park, a casino, and more!
  • Battle while riding motorcycles in “Mode 7”-style vehicle stages!
  • Image gallery featuring vintage box art, manual images, and cartridge art!
  • New motion-comic cutscenes, new animated intro, and new music by River City Girls composer Megan McDuffee and DEMONDICE!

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