Cards, The Universe, and Everything (CUE) Gets Visual Redesign

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Award-winning trading card game Cards, The Universe, and Everything recently hit one million downloads. Today, it launched a visual redesign, with a focus on improving usability, functionality, and new effects, making it a better experience for players.

What is Cards, The Universe, and Everything?

Cards, The Universe, and Everything (CUE), developed by Avid Games, is a funny, strategic card battler. It allows you to collect, trade, craft, and battle a huge array of cards (over 2,000 so far). It’s a unique mobile game packed with interesting facts and deep strategies. Players can fight against anything and everything. From fluffy bunnies to trees, Van Helsing to Agatha Christie, chances are, CUE has a card for it.

It’s a rapidly expanding game. Players can collect cards, build decks, and then battle across the world using turn-based combat. Plus, there is a huge range of abilities and some crazy (and very silly) combos to try out.

CUE is a fun and popular free-to-play game, with plenty of content for free, and some rarer cards up for grabs too. It has a pretty busy community of fans to battle against.

What’s Happening With the Redesign?

The redesign is focused on UI and UX, with improved functionality. This means the game will be a little easier to navigate, allowing players to concentrate on building their decks and having a good time.

You can download Cards, The Universe, and Everything (CUE) for iOS and Android devices. You can find out more about the game, including new cards and league rules, here.

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