WWE 2K22 Release Date, Cover & Trailer Announced

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After spending days hyping up a major announcement on Twitter, 2K has come through with a brand new trailer, the game cover, and WWE 2K22 release date confirmation.  The long wait for wrestling fans is almost over as more and more information is unveiled for the first edition of the WWE2K series since 2K20.

WWE 2K22 Release Date Confirmed

The game will officially release on March 11, 2022 which will be the first WWE game released since September 2020 when WWE 2K Battlegrounds was released.  The development cycle for 2K22 was seemingly extended after WWE 2K20 was met with mostly negative reviews. The game will only be released for Current and Next-Gen Playstation and Xbox consoles.

Cover Star

Wrestling legend Rey Mysterio will grace the cover of WWE 2K22.  The high-flying masked man is one of the most recognizable names still active in the WWE and has been wowing audiences for decades now.  Mysterio’s colorful attire makes him a great cover star as 2K has been able to load up the cover with eye-catching colors this year.


There is quite a bit to grasp from the game’s trailer.  From it we seem to have WWE’s Superstars giving input into how to fully showcase the impact of the moves. This coupled with the game’s tagline “it hits different” seems to be emphasizing the impactful nature of professional wrestling as opposed to the more realistic approach of the previous games.

What jumped out at me is the peaks we got at a GM mode.  It’s no exaggeration to say that the return of GM mode has long been one of wrestling fans’ biggest requests and this game is giving it to us.  What we see from the trailer is a choice to control Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, Adam Pearce, or Sonya Deville and presumably take Raw or SmackDown to glory.  We also got a quick look at the booking screen which sees different matches and promos allotted for various costs as well as a section for rivalries and a “drama curve”.  Balancing quality with show pacing and cost seems to be the priority.



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Alex Richards, Site Manager
Alex Richards, Site Manager
A wrestling fan since the age of 3 and a gamer since even earlier Alex Richards brings lifelong experience and passion for both mediums to his writing. He aims to cover the Joshi wrestling scene and Irish wrestling scene better than anyone else and loves to analyze sales charts over at Last Word On Gaming
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