PlayStation Exclusives On PC Day One, Gravity Chase, PS4 Keeps Going

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Once again Sony has another PC success on their hands with God of War (2018). Does this beg the question PlayStation Exclusives on PC Day One? Perhaps the team at PlayStation isn’t ready to go that far just yet. However, Sean does this think that at some point in 2022 PlayStation will lower the gap for their exclusives to appear on PC. Marc thinks Sean is nuts. Of course, the console wars are going strong over the topic. Would it really hurt console sales if this was the case? So many questions to ponder over this.

Keeping on that theme a lot was made of Sony continuing to produce PlayStation 4 systems for another year, while the Xbox One family of systems had already been discontinued in 2020. Is this really the big deal that everyone was making it out to be? It really isn’t, but at least it makes you wonder if the system will get another price drop.

The guys also played some games over the long break that was dominated by Sean having COVID-19. Marc played Chorus and Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth. Sean discusses playing Heaven Dust 2, Gravity Chase, and The Anacrusis.

Other topics: Going over the PlayStation VR 2 features, STALKER 2 being delayed, Troy Baker encounters the wrath of gamers by embracing NFT‘s, and much more.

PlayStation Exclusives on PC Day One, PS4 Keeps Living, Gravity Chase

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Sean Garmer

Sean Garmer has a long history with video games, since childhood. But truly, things got serious when he discovered Pokemon on the Gameboy, and thus his Japanese RPG fandom was born. Sean has channeled that love of games into reviewing them. He also analyzes the games industry on the Video Games 2 the MAX podcast and writes on various sites. Sean pretty much plays any kind of game nowadays, but he still prefers his first love, the JRPG.

Marc Morrison

Marc Morrison brings years of experience writing about games (and of course, playing them) to Video Games 2 the MAX. He currently writes a Top 8 column every week at 411mania and also reviews games. Marc plays all different kinds of games and takes analyzing them to heart.



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Sean Garmer (Reviews Editor)
Sean Garmer (Reviews Editor)
Sean Garmer brings almost two decades of experience from the online Journalism field to Last Word on Sports. Sean's previous writing includes the World Cup, MLS soccer, football, and wrestling. Sean currently edits and writes video game news, articles, and reviews for LWOS and also contributes to his podcast. "Video Games 2 the MAX" to the website and the Last Word Radio feed. When he's not busy here or at his other job, he's spending time with his daughter, or playing video games.
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