Kainga: Seeds of Civilization Launches on Steam Early Access

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Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is launching today on (11th November 2021) on Steam Early Access. Developed by Erik Rempen and published by Green Man Gaming Publishing, Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is a rogue-lite village-building game, allowing you to create interesting cultures in a series of fast-paced challenges.

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization Launches on Steam Early Access

What is Kainga: Seeds of Civilization?

In the game, you’ll take on the role of the Thinker, a leader responsible for making choices. These choices impact the village and can make the difference between your village thriving or failing. If the Thinker falls, you lose, which means you’ll have to keep them safe no matter what.

Each challenge is around 30 minutes to 1 hour, with plenty of fresh locations to mix things up. Using the skill tree, you can research technology inspired by real-life civilizations, choosing how to produce resources, which buildings and festivals you’d like, and more.

Each location has unique terrain and resources, which keeps things interesting, as you’ll have to switch up your strategy for each challenge. With each run, you’ll unlock new biomes, giving you more complexity to work with on your next run.

You’ll find giant beasts in the game, which you can live alongside, even working to tame them, and you’ll face natural weather events and other difficult challenges too.

The Steam Early Access release includes a whole range of new content, including:

  • A new playable region
  • 2 new leviathan-class beasts
  • Boats, aquatic combat, and raids
  • 35 new technologies to unlock
  • New quest systems

There are more planned updates for the game, like expanded trade and travel, new inventions, clothing, wildlife, and more. Updates are outlined in the road map on the Kainga Steam page if you want to know more.

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is available via Steam Early Access today (11th November 2021) with a limited-time discount of 20% off. If you love a rogue-lite game and you want something you can play in shorter bursts, it’s well worth checking out.



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