Nintendo Halloween eShop Sale – Grab Some Not So Ghastly Deals

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Trick and treating can be an expensive affair these days so saving some money on games for your favourite hybrid console might just be the thing to bring you some cheer. Here I take a look at the Nintendo Halloween eShop sale.

Nintendo Halloween eShop Sale – Grab Some Treats

From Jurassic Park to Alien – The Pick of The Sales

For fans of Jurassic Park there is Jurassic World Evolution Complete Edition which is down from £49.99 to a less than pre historic £22.49. Build your own Jurassic World at home or on the go.

If you want a game that at times can be horrifically difficult then Ghosts and Goblins Resurrection will be the game for you. Taking its lead from the classic series this game will test your reactions and it still has the same hard headed difficulty it always did. Instead of £24.99 you can now grab this one for £16.74.

Horror movie fan? If so you will be right at home with Dead By Deadlight where you can play as one of your favourite horror movie characters in 1 v 4 multiplayer game where you can either try to survive or go on the murderous rampage. Whatever your horror movie fancy you can now live it out for £13.12 in the Nintendo Halloween eShop sale.

Alien Isolation is available for just £14.99 so if you want to enter the world of Ellen Ripley this is a perfect time to do it. A game inspired by the iconic 1979 film ‘Alien’ brings the atmosphere of Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror to the small screen and that means you can be scared on the go as well.

And Finally…

If you haven’t already grabbed a copy of the impeccable 2D platformer, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair then at a terrifyingly brilliant £6.24 this is the time to get a game that really is full of tricks and is an absolute treat to play!

You can find out more about the sale and see which games you can add to your collection for some really great savings by visiting the eShop.



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