AbleGamers Foundation Raises $1 Million For Disabled Gamers

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Joshua Henry of TheGamer¬†has reported that AbleGamers Charity CEO Steven Spohn has successfully reached his goal of $1 million towards the “SpawnTogether” initiative. The initiative was created in order to promote better inclusion and support for gamers who suffer from disabilities.

AbleGamers Foundation reaches its $1 Million Goal for Disabled Gamers

Setting the Standard

Beginning in September 2020, “SpawnTogether” brought together many famous celebrities and companies through fundraisers, streams, and word of mouth to reach the lofty goal. The gaming community itself has shown itself to be incredibly charitable towards important causes through means such as; 24-hour live charity streams and popular YouTubers giving large donations. Spohn’s ability to reach its goal just exemplifies the community’s generous spirit;

“I am absolutely floored by the outpouring of love and support…I massively underestimated the groundswell of support this amazing community has for things that matter to them the most.”

The Forefront of Change for those with Disabilities

Spohn also stated that he wishes the goal of $1 million to be achieved annually. He hopes that promotion, research, and counselling can be supported through this yearly contribution. This last statement is important as only through continuous support and effort can things be changed for the better. With AbleGamers Foundation being a beacon of light for those with disabilities, positivity can arise within an industry sometimes shrouded in controversy.

An Industry in Need of Self-Reflection

Gaming, more specifically the gaming industry has been criticized for a lack of inclusivity or a feeling of suppression by specific groups. Resident Evil 5 was heavily criticized for “racist overtones” with players shooting and killing Africans in a faux country. Just recently, Blizzard has come under fire for creating a culture of sexual harassment towards female employees. Culture needs to be changed from within and has to be spurred on by effort and a strong will. Just recently, it seems more and more groups are speaking out or making themselves known in order to create that change. They may be on two different spectrums, but Spohn is actively not only making a difference but bringing a positive light towards a stagnant minded industry.



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