The Overwatch League Week 1 Review

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The Overwatch League kicked off this week and every game had something special. Check out The Overwatch League Week 1 Review below!

The Overwatch League Week 1 Review

Player of the week-  Happy (Houston Outlaws)

The Houston Outlaws shocked everyone this weekend with their intense 3-2 victories over both the Dallas Fuel and the San Francisco Shock. Happy was involved in both games on the DPS role, usually playing McCree. Most NA fans will have not seen much Happy before due to the APAC schedule last year, but now he is in the region, he is a must watch player and could help the Outlaws to an early charge in the May Melee.

Teams of the week- Houston Outlaws and Chengdu Hunters

The Houston Outlaws dominated the NA region this weekend, taking on the Dallas Fuel on Friday night in the Battle for Texas. It promised to be a brilliant game and it was, with the Outlaws playing more in line with the meta as opposed to the comfort pick comps of the Dallas Fuel. The win against the reigning back-to-back champions, the San Francisco Shock, was the one that truly stood out for fans and gave them hope for a great season. I found JAKE’s appearance on Dorado as Brigitte particularly impressive, as he managed to deal with the impressive Glister and Viol2t DPS duo.

In the Asia region, the Chengdu Hunters may have finally got out of the Chengdu-zone. Whilst beating the LA Valiant isn’t exactly the most impressive thing in the world, beating APAC favourites, the Shanghai Dragons, 3-0, was amazing. The performance of GA9A against the excellent tanks of Fate and Void made everyone stand up. Will the Hunters finally realise their potential, push on, and exit the Chengdu-zone? I’m still not sure.

Game of the week- Houston Outlaws vs San Francisco Shock

Map 1 of Houston vs San Francisco saw the return of the Hydration Doomfist. Hydration is one of those people who looks very shy, but then whips out the Doomfist and absolutely demolishes everyone in the league, being by far the best at the hero.

Map 3 saw the arrival of Jake into the Outlaws team, and Uber was right in his commentary when he said that the man has everything- ‘great caster, great player, good-looking’. The whole Outlaws team however, and not just JAKE, were brilliant as they full-held the San Francisco Shock on Dorado.

Shock however set themselves up for a reverse sweep, winning the next two maps, Temple of Anubis and Oasis.

But as it came to map 5, the Outlaws were full held on Havana and the reverse sweep looked inevitable. The Outlaws however had a different idea, conducting an even better full-hold and winning the map outright.

My brief description does not do this justice at all, so check out the highlights to this game, or even watch it in full, as it will go down as one of the best ever.

The Last Word on Gaming Viewpoint

As first week’s go, this has to be one of the best of all time. The games were fun and exciting, the new YouTube coverage was brilliant and we saw some phenomenal Overwatch. I’m a bit upset I’ve got to wait till Friday for some more…

Honourable mention this week goes to Viol2t who has decided that this year he will try to play every role to a high standard, with his performance as McCree vs the LA Gladiators being quite ridiculous.



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