Nintendo Switch Has Nothing to Fear from Xbox and PlayStation

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With Microsoft and Sony releasing their next generation of consoles, what does this mean for Nintendo? Realistically there might be those that say Nintendo can no longer compete but actually the Nintendo Switch has nothing to fear from either the Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5.

Nintendo Switch Has Nothing to Fear

Nintendo gave up on going for power in their consoles a long time ago. Rather than challenging Sony and Microsoft like for like, Nintendo went for what they are best at with the Nintendo Switch. Innovation. After the disaster that was the Wii U, Nintendo had to act to ensure what came next would succeed. The concept behind the Wii U wasn’t necessarily a bad one. The second screen was a good idea in principle but it just wasn’t utilised, especially by third parties. The main issue was the name. Nintendo never really marketed that this was a new machine with consumers feeling that it was just a Wii add on. From global success with the Wii, Nintendo plummeted with the Wii U.

The Nintendo Switch took aspects of all of its past consoles. A handheld device that you could play on your telly. A hybrid console that you could take on the go and then pop it into a dock and carry on at home or vice versa. Detachable controllers with motion sensors and a screen with touch screen functionality.

Staggering Sales

Nintendo Switch has old over 65 million units since its release in March 2017. For many gamers, it is a second console and Nintendo are fine with that. Rather than challenging the so called big two, Nintendo compliment them. To play AAA titles such as The Witcher 3 on the move is appealing. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is constantly talked of as one of the greatest games of all time and Nintendo games are consistently in the top ten of the multi format charts. First party games always sell well for Nintendo. You can not and will not ver find a Nintendo game on another console. It just is not going to happen. Sales show no sign of slowing down and a rumoured Switch Pro might be on the way in 2021.

Switch Pro

Despite the Switch not being all about power, Nintendo do find themselves with a slight conundrum right now. For ports to continue, the current SKU is going to be even more underpowered. To combat this, an enhanced model is expected in 2021. It won’t be as powerful as the next gen machines but rumours point to a larger and enhanced screen, 4K capability (possibly as part of a new and enhanced dock) and beefed up internals. March 2021 is heaving rumoured to be when the new Switch will release with a January reveal also mooted. This would make sense as it is how the original Switch was unveiled.

One thing is certain though, power or not, the Nintendo Switch has nothing to fear from the next generation and will continue to go from strength to strength.



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