Crime Boss: Rockay City Achievements Guide

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This Crime Boss: Rockay City Achievements guide will detail how to 100% the game on Steam by completing all of the tasks. This is only for the completionists but can be fun for some who enjoy the grind of fully completing a game. Crime Boss: Rockay City has been released on Steam to massive acclaim.

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Crime Boss: Rockay City Achievements Walkthrough

  • Neophyte Ninja – Complete the stealth tutorial
  • First One’s Free – Finish the first day in Campaign
  • Too Old for This – Start you first story goal with Gloves in your entourage
  • Fancy Pants – Purchase assets for the boss’ office
  • Downed but not Out – Fail in Campaign mode
  • Case Closed – Kill a Detective
  • Underworld Initiate – Complete New Blood
  • Raider’s Ruin – Remove Khan from the city
  • Headhunter – Hire a unique character in Multiplayer
  • Off the Rocks – Remove Hielo from the city
  • Dragonslayer – Remove Dollar Dragon from the city
  • King of the Hill – Successfully defend your stash from rivals
  • Roid Ranger – Complete Juiced Up, Iced Out
  • Foo Finder – Finish Dragon Dogs heist in Campaign
  • Hidden Sonota – Complete Secret Symphony
  • Rockay Rex – Conquer all turfs
  • Freebooter – Finish Import Export heist with alarm in campaign
  • I Like Trains – Finish Money Train Heist in campaign
  • Track Star – Complete Hauling Ash
  • Savvy Seeker – Finish Hidden Vault heist in Campaign
  • Legend Looter – Complete Who took the dogs out?
  • True Player – Reach boss level 30
  • All That Glitters – Finish Gold Cup heist in campaign
  • Imports and Exports – Complete the Big Khan
  • All for One – Complete King’s treasure
  • Groundhog Days – Restart campaign ten times
  • If I Die, Delete my History – Finish Cyberstorm heist in campaign
  • Red Star – Resolve Ranger’s Story
  • One for All – Complete Silence is Gold
  • Ding Dong – Resolve Chase’s story
  • Now you See Me – Finish Gold Cup heist in stealth during campaign
  • Impossible Dreamer – Escape Sherriff Norris
  • Privateer – Finish Import Export heist in stealth during campaign
  • Rockay Raider – Complete all urban legends with two-stars or higher
  • Olympus Ascended – Resolve Jupiter’s Story
  • Injustice for All – Complete Cagnali’s Order
  • Paradise Lost – Finish Cagnali’s Fortress heist in Campaign
  • Luddite – Destroy 50 robots in Baker’s Dream
  • Cracked the Jack – Resolve Cracker’s Story
  • Classy Joint – Purchase 25 assets for the boss’ office
  • Moneybags – Make 10 million in multiplayer
  • Geek Out – Resolve Wiz’s story
  • Rockay Knight – Complete all urban legends with three star ratings
  • Talent Scout – Hire 10 unique characters in multiplayer
  • Full House – Hire every unique character in multiplayer mode

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That is all for this Crime Boss: Rockay City Achievements Guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Crime Boss: Rockay City content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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