F1 24 Silverstone Setup Guide (British Grand Prix)

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This F1 24 Silverstone Setup guide aims to have your car in top condition for the race around the British Grand Prix track. Having the right settings can make all the difference out there so having the best setup can help you charge through the field. F1 24 was released recently with Steam reviews being very mixed on the game.

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*Note: The content in this article is accurate as of the time of writing and does not account for any future updates to the game*

F1 24 Silverstone Setup Walkthrough

Track Characteristics

Continuing a run of faster tracks, Silverstone has one of the highest average speed’s of any circuit on the F1 calendar. While there are some turns to be wary of, this track is designed for overtaking and speed so your car set up should make full use of that.


Front Wing Aero can go to 33 with rear wing at 24. This is a decent mix that should make maximum use of the speed sections while also grounding the car for some of the harsher turns.


Engine Braking at 100 is the way to go. On Throttle differential is set to 50 while the off throttle is at 40 to help you come away from slow turns with some ease.

Suspension Geometry

Camber Angles as almost always are set to the lowest points. A -3.5 for the front and a -2.2 for the rear. The front to can stay at 0 while the rear toe goes to 0.17.


The following Suspension settings are the best ones for this track, stick to these and you’ll be doing well:

Front Suspension: 41

Rear Suspension: 5

Front Anti-Roll Bars: 20

Rear Anti-Roll Bars: 18

Front Ride Height: 25

Rear Ride Height: 55

The stiff front and loose rear will keep the car manageable on this track through the different sections. The Anti-Roll settings are low enough that you can navigate with speed while also managing harsher turns when needed. The height settings will generate the optimal downforce too.


Brake settings are the least volatile in this game with 100 pressure and 55 braking bias once again being the best combo.


The tyre pressure meta is again observed here with a 29.5/26.5 front and rear split being the way to go again.

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That is all for this F1 24 Silverstone setup guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other F1 24 content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know. We are trying to cover every track in this game to help you perfect every track regardless of what mode you’re aiming for.

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